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The nature of work an individual does can sometimes be a little risky and can affect the life or well-being of an individual. This can be due to a number of factors. For instance, the employee might work in a factory that deals in very noisy machines during its manufacture of products. Constant loud noise may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss to workers. Hence, it is the duty of the employer to analyse all such things that can adversely affect the health of employees either in the short-term or in the long-run and thereby find a solution to the problem. This can include providing adequate equipment in order to reduce the risk of injuries at work.

Diseases and injuries at work can be of various kinds including head and brain injuries, whiplash, loss of limbs, hearing impairments and spinal injuries. It is the responsibility of the worker to communicate any health and safety hazards they might be facing at the workplace which their employer might be oblivious to, so that adequate measures can be taken by the employer to avert them. Therefore, coordination among the employer and the workers can ensure a healthy working environment for all.

Where negligence of the employer leads to injuries at the workplace, the worker has the right to claim compensation for their treatment, pain and suffering and financial losses that they might have undergone as a result of the accident. For such cases where injury at the workplace has been caused due to someone else’s fault, it is better to consult a work injury claims specialist who is experienced in handling such cases of compensation, so that you can get the maximum compensation possible for the injuries and financial loss suffered by you.

Cooks Legal work on a no win, no fee basis, and so there is nothing for you to lose in making a claim. We are a work injury claims specialist who can deal with your personal injury compensation claim – 100% compensation is guaranteed.

Miss G was a passenger in her partner’s car when he lost control on an icy road. She suffered a back and shoulder injury that healed within 1 year. Cooks Legal resolved the matter within 5 months of obtaining her instructions presenting her with a cheque for £2,350.00
"I was very nervous about claiming but Cooks made it so easy. I filled in a form, went to a Dr’s appointment arranged by them, and they did the rest."
Miss G from Peterborough