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Occupational Stress Claims

Personal injuries are not just the physical injuries that are suffered by an individual as a consequence of an accident, but also the psychological affects that are experienced after some traumatic event. In the psychological sense, personal injury may include cases of post-traumatic stress, acute depression and occupational stress. All these psychological injuries can seriously affect the smooth functioning of your life processes and may cause unnecessary suffering for you.

Occupational stress can build up at your workplace due to:
excessive  workload
long continuous hours of working
high demands
lack of employers support
poor work-company
inadequate training
poor communication management
company changes
family and personal issues
inadequate resources and staff members
lack of input and control
increased urgency of work
breakdown of working relationship

All these factors can lead to occupational stress. If the occupational stress goes on for a long time, then it can lead to severe ailments. These ailments can include blood pressure, hypertension, and many other psychological problems. As occupational stress can have such serious effects on your health, it is important that you talk to your employer regarding it. If he/ she do not pay much heed to it, and you suffer terribly from occupational stress, then it becomes very crucial that you pursue for occupational stress claims.

Occupational stress claims are pertinent if stress at workplace continues to increase and the employer does not take any precautionary or correcting measures to combat it. As occupational stress can cost you immensely in terms of your physical and mental health, it becomes very necessary to seek compensation from the employer. Also, the compensation amount that you will avail after the occupational stress claims will aid you in paying your medical bills and hospital bills that otherwise you may struggle to afford.

It is very important to make occupational stress claims if you have been suffering from occupational stress presently or have suffered it acutely anytime in the last three years. It is so because once the time period of three years is elapsed, your occupational stress claims will be considered as invalid. Moreover, if you claim in good time, it will be very easy and convenient to find the evidences and witnesses to prove your occupational stress claim successfully.

It is advisable that you seek the help of an experienced and reputed occupational stress claims Solicitor who can guide you all throughout the process as the matter is a legal one. Moreover, the personal injury Solicitor will make sure you get the maximum compensation amount possible. These days you can find such Solicitors who work on a no win no fee basis.

Work Accident Claim
Mr W was working as an electrician in a poorly lit cellar when he fell onto breeze blocks left by the contractor. He suffered a knee injury that prevented him from pursuing his dream of setting up a business on his own. Mr W was awarded £57,000.00
"I would give the money back today not to have had this accident, but I felt in safe hands with my Solicitor."
Mrs W of Portsmouth