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Lifting accident injuries

It is quite common to notice cases of lifting accident injuries at the workplace. No matter if it is a farm, office or a factory, the job of lifting often has a higher possibility of sustaining an injury. 

It is the duty f the employer to reduce the risk of these lifting injuries by keeping a check or completely preventing the way duties are performed by their employees. Though an absolute surety cannot be given in the matter to secure employees completely from such injuries at work, but measures can be taken to make sure that the risk is at least minimised.

Back pain is the most common of all injuries that relate to lifting activities at the workplace. As long as it is possible, employers should try to avoid any activities of lifting by employees that may lead to back pain. In case, there is no way out, mechanical assistance should be made available to employees, like the employment of hoists. There are also legal obligations that necessitates for employers to conduct a thorough risk assessment for various lifting jobs that are required to be completed at the workplace so as to investigate about the best possible ergonomic method to finish a particular lifting task.

Not conducting the risk assessment makes an employer vulnerable to the claim of employees’ compensation if they suffer from injury at the workplace. Proper guidance and training is important to avoid injuries of the back while doing lifting jobs. Compensation might be filed by an employee against the employer if the back injury that relates to lifting accident injuries at workplace is due to improper supervision and inadequate training. In case the employee has followed the safety protocols, but still suffered from any back injury because of the failure of the employer to conduct the risk assessment and provide appropriate required mechanical assistance and proper training, the case filed by the employee stands at a stronger position for the compensation claim.

Therefore, in order to present a strong defence for employees’ compensation and also to ensure smooth working and goodwill of the company, it is important to take care of the needs and health of employees at the workplace. Hence, providing a healthy work environment and proper instruction and training to employees will also win great appreciation for the employer. Injuries at work can thereby be minimised by taking these measures to ensure safe and healthy work environment.

Public Liability
Accident in Supermarket
Mrs H was shopping for a small fold out table in a Supermarket. She reached to take one when the stack collapsed falling onto her right foot. X-rays to her foot showed no fracture but she was still forced to use crutches for a few weeks afterwards.

Within 6 months of being instructed Cooks had obtained a settlement offer of £2,000.00 which Mrs H was delighted to accept. She said
"My Granddaughter found your website and recommended you to me. Thank you for all your efforts for my accident claim, I appreciate your kindness. I received my cheque today and will be taking my grandchildren away on holiday with the money you recovered for me"
Mrs H from Devon