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Eye Strain

Many operations at work are performed via computers today hence some people are forced to sit in front of the computers all day long.
Individuals who have been making use of computers for a long period of time can often be seen complaining of sore eyes and problems with their vision. Recent medical surveys have reported that it is common for individuals to experience discomfort and fatigue, if an individual ends up spending a long duration of time working on computers. Some of the most common side effects of using computers for an extended duration of time include eyestrain and headaches, which may often be accompanied with a feeling of dizziness.

Medical studies reveal that an individual may end up having poor vision (myopia) as a result of long term computer use. Moreover, such people are also at an increased risk of contracting glaucoma. There are a number of experienced optometrists who are of the view that eye strain could be a result of constant exposure to the bright computer screens. Even though computers cannot cause any permanent damage to the eye, it is necessary for an individual to reduce exposure to the computer screen, if they want to reduce the occurrence of eye strain and fatigue.
Some of the factors, which can cause fatigue and eye strain in an individual, include the following:
Inadequate lighting in the area where an individual is supposed to work
Prolonged exposure to computer screens, without taking sufficient breaks in between in order to rest the eyes
Other eye allergies and dryness of eyes

Taking frequent breaks and making use of glare guards and adjusting the brightness settings may assist to provide relief from eye strain.

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