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Employees Responsibilities

Employers have a responsibility to protect employees from risks, however employees responsibilities also exist. Employees should use and maintain machinery in accordance with the training given to them and inform the employer of any health and safety issues.

The safety and health of employees are very important issues that all employers should take care of. If the employer ignores the safety of the workplace or doesn’t adequately protect employees from risks they can be liable for an employee’s injury. The employees responsibilities are important so if the employee doesn’t operate machinery in accordance with their training and is injured they will be partly to blame for their own injuries. In cases where an employee shares blame for the accident the amount of compensation will be reduced to reflect their fault in the accident.

Injuries at work can result in many losses such as medical expenses, treatment costs, travel expenses and loss of income. All these losses will be accounted for in any compensation claim.
Employees have the civil and legal right to claim for compensation against their employer, if they get injured due to the employer’s negligence. In order to do that, it is advisable for the employees to hire a professional Solicitor, so that he or she can assist them in pursuing the claim and getting a fair amount of compensation for the injuries they suffered.

Cooks Legal can help you pursue your accident claim on a no win no fee basis meaning there are no costs for you to pay if you lose the case.

Public Liability
Pedestrian Fall from Bicycle
Miss H was knocked off her bicycle when her front tyre struck a loose paving stone jutting into the road. She sustained a head injury causing severe short term memory loss and mood swings. After 2 years her original Solicitors withdrew from the case as they believed her claim had less than a 50% chance of succeeding. Miss H contacted Cooks who agreed to represent her on a No win No fee basis.

Within 18 months the matter was resolved and Miss H received a settlement cheque of £300,000.00. She told us
"Thank you Cooks for believing in me and my claim. My Solicitor was always available to me and happy to explain each step of the process. The only surprise was how much you managed to obtain for me without the need to go to trial. I will tell all my friends about your great service."
Miss H from London