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Electrical Injuries at Work

Some workers are at risk of suffering electrical injuries due to the nature of their work. Electrical injuries at work can be caused due to alternating currents as well as direct currents. The following are kinds of electrical injuries at work which can be suffered by victims:
Electrical burns
Thermal burns which occur when a person touches a sparking switch
Electric shock
Muscle control is lost for a period of time when a person receives an electrical shock. Electrical injuries at work can have many symptoms which can include:
Irregular heartbeat
Problems in breathing of a person i.e choking
Uncontrollable muscle spasms

The effects of the electrical current can be very significant and it depends on various factors like the size of voltage and vulnerability of the affected body parts. The intensity of the shock also depends on the time length of the flow of the current.

Electric shocks that are received from static electricity are experienced whenever a person gets out of the car or walks across a hand-woven carpet. The electric shocks received from the static electricity can be of an intensity of more than 10,000 volts. The current flows which are for a shorter period of time can have no injurious effects on a person. Static electricity can also cause an explosion or a fire when there is an atmosphere with higher temperatures like the one in a paint spray booth.

It is necessary to pursue a compensation claim for injuries at work which can cause financial loss to the victim in the form of medical expenses and loss of earnings. Cooks Legal can help you pursue a claim for your personal injury compensation. We are specialist accident Solicitors working on a no win no fee basis. Under this scheme you do not need to pay our costs if the case is unsuccessful. If we win the case you get 100% compensation.

Accident at work
Mr G is a fitness instructor, using military style training techniques. His employers insisted that he cover 4 lessons per day covering at least 14 miles whilst carrying army packs and wearing marching boots. As a result of his excessive workload he suffered an injury to his hip which required surgery and prevented him from participating in contact sports.Within a year of being instructed Cooks settled his claim for £11,500. Mr G commented:
"an extremely professional service, who utilized every avenue to enhance my claim. Thank you very much"
Mr G from North Yorks