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Common Injuries at Work

In certain workplaces, specific kinds of accidents may be more frequent than others. For example, workers in a chemical factory are more likely to suffer from breathing problems and burns rather than those working in an office. Injuries at work are quite common, but it is the employers’ duty to minimise these risks as far as possible so that the employees have a safe environment to work in.

There are some common injuries at work which can be suffered by a worker such as:
Slips & Trips: It has been estimated that almost three quarters of workplace injuries are the result of slips & trips. Such accidents may seem to be minor but can sometimes result in broken bones, head injuries and fractured limbs. It is the employers’ duty to ensure that workplace flooring is suitable, clean and not worn out, trailing cables and wires are hidden and there is sufficient lighting and adequate hand and guard rails.
Manual handling: This term includes any activities related to lifting, pushing, lowering, pulling, moving and carrying. A majority of such injuries are strains to hands, feet, arms, tendons and musculoskeletal disorders of the back.

Workplace accidents due to traffic: Such injuries include being hit by moving vehicles, falling from a vehicle, being hit by materials falling from a vehicle, or overturning or collapse of a vehicle. Such accidents are not only restricted to vehicles of heavy goods, but also to those vehicles which workers may use inside the workplace.
Electric shocks: A large number of workers suffer from electric injuries at work every year. In order to avoid them, employers should make sure that all the electrical equipments in the workplace are well-maintained, well-designed and suitable for the work. They should also ensure that the workers using the equipments are well-trained for their use.

Other areas of common injuries at work include working in the presence of fire, working with dangerous chemicals and working with heavy plant and machinery. While no one can predict injuries at work, it is the duty of both employees and the employers to minimise the risks of accidents as much as possible. Cooks Legal can help you pursue an accident at work claim on a no win no fee basis ensuring there are no fees for you to pay.

Accident at work
Mr G is a fitness instructor, using military style training techniques. His employers insisted that he cover 4 lessons per day covering at least 14 miles whilst carrying army packs and wearing marching boots. As a result of his excessive workload he suffered an injury to his hip which required surgery and prevented him from participating in contact sports.Within a year of being instructed Cooks settled his claim for £11,500. Mr G commented:
"an extremely professional service, who utilized every avenue to enhance my claim. Thank you very much"
Mr G from North Yorks