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Why Do You Need a Will?

  • To make sure the right people receive what you want them to receive
  • So that you get the funeral that you want
  • Your children have the right guardian

If you are living with your partner and not married a will is essential to make sure your partner can stay in the house after you die and receives the money you want him/her to receive.

It is easy to make a mistake when preparing a will or getting it signed and witnessed. You will see in shops and on the internet “do your own will”. This saves you money, not much compared with the prices of our wills but it does save you some. If you get it wrong it will cost your relatives hundreds if not thousands of pounds to try and sort out the mistakes you may have made.

Many people believe if they die without making a will then all their estate will automatically go to their surviving spouse. If there is a large estate over £250,000 this belief is wrong and the spouse will only get part of the estate. So where the value of your estate is likely to be over £250,000 you must make a will to ensure your spouse gets the entire estate if that is what you want.

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We offer wills individually drawn by solicitors at fixed prices:

Single Will £72.00
Wills for couples in identical or near identical terms £114.00

Lasting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney enables someone to look after your financial affaires if you are taken ill or incapacitated. There are two forms one for property and financial matters and the other for medical and welfare matters.

Remember you can only make a power of attorney whilst you have the mental capacity to do so. Once you have lost that capacity you cannot authorise your chosen relative or friend to look after your affairs. So if you have need to pay for care costs and you have money in the bank to pay for such costs, unless you have signed a valid power of attorney then your chosen relative or friend cannot access the funds easily to pay the bills. If you think you may need a power of attorney in the future get it made and signed now, not when it is too late.

Our charges for preparation of these forms and registering same is £250 plus VAT of £43.75 making a total of £293.75

There is also the court fee for registering the power of attorney of £120.

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