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Whiplash Pain

Most commonly, whiplash injuries take place when a rear end vehicle collision causes rapid movements of neck and head, resulting in trauma to the ligaments and neck muscles. Whiplash pain can be persisting and may be difficult to get rid of. If the pain takes longer than one week, then it is time to go for immediate medical attention. If you are suffering from pain due to whiplash, you can try out the following procedures:

  • Taking an analgesic will be quite effective because whiplash is often caused due to inflammation of ligaments and muscles supporting the neck. Over-the-counter pain relievers can offer quite instant relief.
  • Applying ice or cold compresses to the shoulder and neck can be extremely soothing but do not apply ice directly on the skin but wrap it up in an ice bag.
  • Maintain proper posture and make sure that you do not scrunch down or slump into a recliner. Avoid doing body movements that will aggravate your already inflamed neck ligaments and muscles.
  • Take proper rest so that your injured muscles, tendons and ligaments are protected from further injuries and pain.
  • Visit your doctor to get a steroid injection. These injections are often administered via fluoroscopy which is a kind of X-ray.
  • If you are not able to hold up your head, you can get a cervical soft collar which is easily available at medical supply stores and pharmacy stores.

Contact a physical therapist for exercises of neck muscle strengthening. Inflammation will be difficult to take place if you have strong neck muscles.

People suffering from whiplash injury encounter symptoms such as neck pain, muscle spasms, neck swelling, tenderness on the neck’s back and headaches. Some of these symptoms can continue even after a medical treatment. Sometimes, further repercussions and health related problems may be associated with persisting whiplash pain. The best answer to relieve from this injury is prevention. You can install whipguards in your car which are especially designed to decrease the gaps between the headrest and your head. As a result of this, your head does not snap backward and forward, leading to whiplash. Tests have proven that whipguards are ideal for both the drivers and the passengers and can also be installed on the back seats for providing maximum safety. But in case you meet a whiplash injury, it is best to contact a medical practitioner instantly because mostly, pain is noticed only when the condition is worsened.

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