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Whiplash Awards

Whiplash injuries are quite common in most road accident cases as it is caused by a sudden jerk and mainly affects the neck area. This mainly happens when any vehicle smashes into yours from the rear end. When you are met with a road traffic accident that occurred due to negligence of someone else, you can claim compensation from the guilty party for the loss and suffering that it has caused you.

Once you have hired a good solicitor that deals in whiplash injury compensation claims, reaching the final stage won’t be much of a problem. What is more important after this is the amount of whiplash awards that will be approved as compensation awards for these injuries are quite variable. There are various things that are taken into account so as to decide for the amount of whiplash awards:

  • Duration for which the victim has endured the pain and suffering
  • Severity of pain that it has led to
  • Whether there is any need for physiotherapy or any other treatment for fast recovery and the time period for which the treatment has to be continued.
  • The eventual prognosis from a registered medico-legal doctor.
  • The total estimated period for a complete recovery.

The solicitors dealing with such personal injury cases make sure that you get the best possible amount of whiplash awards that includes your medical treatment along with damage to vehicle and any other loss if endured by you due to the accident that has happened. These expert personal injury lawyers can easily be accessed over the Internet and are available at no win, no fee basis. That is to say, if they fail to pull up the case in your favour, they will not charge any fee from you.

In case you want to claim for the whiplash awards for the injury that occurred in an accident that occurred in the time period of until 3 years, you can still file the case for compensation if you have enough evidence to prove the mistake of the guilty party. Compensation claim for the road traffic accident that has occurred because of someone else’s fault is your right and must be claimed for without any hesitation. Experienced solicitors of this law are always a great asset in turning the case in your favour and their skills should always be trusted for in such personal injury cases.

See how much your claim could be worth.

Examples of Compensation Awards for Injury Claims*
Serious Back Injury
Wrist Injury
Serious Neck Injury
Serious Hand Injury
Ankle Injury
Serious Knee Injury
Serious Head Injury

*damages for loss of earnings and other losses and expenses are commonly paid in addition to the injury award and will vary in each case