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Length of Recovery

Whiplash injuries are the injuries that are most commonly related to real-end collisions of vehicles, side or frontal impacts and other kinds of accidents that can produce alike injuries. In a typical rear-impact vehicle collision, the body get propelled forward, the head of the person remains in the original position then before the muscles of the neck can relax for allowing motion, head moves backward abruptly, usually farther than the standard range of its motion. After this, the rebound action takes place when the body suddenly stops and the momentum forces the neck and head forward. The injury in itself is a stress or tear of soft tissues present in the neck caused due to its forceful and sudden movement. Sometimes, whiplash symptoms occur immediately while in other cases, the injury gets recognised even after days of the accident.
The length of recovery depends upon various factors including the seriousness of the injury, how soon it has been attended to and what type of treatment has been applied to the injury. In some cases, the physician protects the cervical spine allowing it to rest. Using cold packs, a cervical collar and cervical pillow can help the patient in being reasonably comfortable and properly supported. Once your neck gets sufficiently healed, the doctor may suggest you to perform some at-home rehabilitation exercises which help in building up stability, helping in healing of ligaments and mobilising tight and stiff joints. In the long run, they help in stabilising the joints of the spine and improve their function. In some patients, the recovery process from whiplash can even be more than 2 weeks when the patient still has pain in his or her neck. Within a year of the injury, around 64% of the patients get fully recovered while others who had longer length of recovery were victims of high neck pain in the initial stage of the injury, disability to do work, difficulty in sleeping and had a high level of somatisation. The recovery period may range from 4 weeks and 12 weeks to even 52 weeks. The physical, psychological and socio-demographic factors also affect the time taken by a person to heal completely. The recovery process also depends upon the intensity of the injury and the type of work that the person does in his or her daily routine. According to a recent study, aggressive treatment in the early period of the injury also encourages use of some passive coping strategies, thus enhancing the period of recovery from whiplash.

Public Liability
Accident in Supermarket
Mrs H was shopping for a small fold out table in a Supermarket. She reached to take one when the stack collapsed falling onto her right foot. X-rays to her foot showed no fracture but she was still forced to use crutches for a few weeks afterwards.

Within 6 months of being instructed Cooks had obtained a settlement offer of £2,000.00 which Mrs H was delighted to accept. She said
"My Granddaughter found your website and recommended you to me. Thank you for all your efforts for my accident claim, I appreciate your kindness. I received my cheque today and will be taking my grandchildren away on holiday with the money you recovered for me"
Mrs H from Devon

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