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Whiplash Claim

Accidents resulting in a whiplash injury

If you have an accident resulting in a whiplash injury and the accident was caused by the negligence of another party you may have grounds for a valid Whiplash Claim.

A whiplash injury is an injury to the neck caused when it is suddenly thrown backwards then forwards as may happen due to the sudden deceleration caused by impact in a motor vehicle accident. This action can damage the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves discs and tendons in the neck.

Whiplash symptoms are typically noticed the next morning after an accident, and medical advice should be obtained as soon as possible.

Although the effects are not usually permanent a whiplash injury can produce neck pain headaches, dizziness, shoulder and lower back pain for some time after the accident and can be very unpleasant.

Impact injuries caused by whiplash – neck and back injuries

The most common type of injury resulting from whiplash sustained due to an accident is typical impact injuries, most commonly being neck and back injuries. The pain that can result because of neck or back injuries can be excruciating and as such this discomfort can lead to physical distress and discomfort.

If you happen to suffer impact injuries to the neck, back or other areas due to whiplash we can help you get the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Whiplash injuries can be the cause of muscle damage

Now and again more serious damage may be done to the body due to whiplash such as nerve or muscle damage. If you happen to suffer muscle damage due to a whiplash injury the pain in surely to be unbearable, not to mention also the likely hospital bills that treatment would be required for to correct and mend the problems. Accident claims against a whiplash can help eliminate the financial burden on you by giving you the money required to cover the treatment costs.

Need help finding a practitioner?

Cooks Legal will help you every step of the way to making your claim, even by helping find a practitioner to assess your whiplash injury and damage sustained as part of the impact of the injury. If an appointment with chiropractors is required to further assess and diagnose your injuries we can help to arrange this also.

Whiplash diagnosis, recovery and rehabilitation

With any whiplash injury the three main points to consider are the diagnosis, recovery and rehabilitation – all these make up the claim you submit so ensuring you have the correct advice and professional opinion of others in regards to your injuries is paramount to successfully winning your claim for injury compensation.

We can help you with finding out all this information by helping you to find the right people to talk to so that you get an accurate whiplash diagnosis and also an indication of what would be involved in the whiplash recovery period and your rehabilitation.

Our whiplash injury lawyers are here to help you

If you have suffered whiplash as a result of an accident which was not of your fault you could be entitled to financial compensation. Our whiplash injury lawyers are specialist lawyers and are experienced in pursuing and successfully winning compensation for whiplash victims. We are waiting to take your call so please get in touch today to pursue your no win no fee claim.

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