Uninsured Driver Injury Claims
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Uninsured Driver Injury Claims

Unfortunately there are probably more than 1,000,000 uninsured motorists on our roads so the possibility of being involved in an accident with such a person is not insignificant. Persons suffering injury or loss of/damage to property in such accidents may feel that the lack of insurance precludes them from claiming but this is not necessarily the case. It may be possible to make a claim for compensation by means of the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

The MIB was established in 1946 in conjunction with the government in order to protect innocent victims of accidents with uninsured drivers. It is funded by contributions from insurance companies and all insurers transacting compulsory motor insurance are required to contribute.

The Bureau also deals with claims for accidents caused by untraced as well as uninsured drivers. Until recently, in the case of untraced drivers only personal injury claims could be dealt with but, following amendments to the "Untraced Drivers Agreement", claims for loss of or damage to property can be submitted to the MIB for accidents occurring after 14 February 2003.

Personal injury claims submitted to the Bureau must still be made within three years of the accident just as would be the case if the claim were being made against an identified and insured driver.

For further information about the MIB visit their website at www.mib.org.uk.

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