Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health Regulations
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Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health Regulations 1988 And 1994

These regulations, introduced in 1988 and consolidated in 1994, were brought in in an attempt to reduce the increasing number of accidents, injuries and diseases caused by exposure of employees to harmful substances during the course of their employment.

In general substances can be defined under various categories - Toxic, Harmful, Corrosive or Irritant and they include solids, liquids, gases, fumes, vapours, dust.

BurnsIn order to comply with the regulations employers must carry out an assessment of the health risks attached to any hazardous substances and to prevent or control exposure of employees to these risks. Control and supervision must be monitored and employees must be made aware of the risks involved with hazardous substances and fully trained in their use and application.

The regulations also place some obligations on employees in terms of abiding by laid down safe systems of work and proper adherence to control and protective measures.

Breach of the regulations can result in fines and if it results in employees being injured or contracting an industrial disease it will strengthen the employees claim for compensation.

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