Sports Injury Claims
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Sports Injury Claims

Sporting activities result in thousands of people suffering personal injury every year and in the past injuries have to tended to be accepted as inevitable and regarded as part of the game. However, this situation is changing and, particularly with the growth in "No Win No Fee" litigation, injured parties are increasingly likely to explore the possibility of claiming compensation where their injury results from negligence.

All those participating in sports and similar recreational pastimes have a duty to take reasonable care. Failure in this duty can result in a claim for compensation from any person injured as a consequence.

As far as actual competitors are concerned, injuries arising from the normal "rough and tumble" of the game or from simple carelessness, errors of judgement or lack of skill for instance would not necessarily be regarded as negligence and each incident would be judged on its own merits. Reckless or malicious conduct of course is a different matter.

Some examples of possible causes of injury are :-

  1. Reckless, malicious or violent conduct by competitors
  2. Defects in playing surfaces
  3. Defective or unsafe facilities or equipment
  4. Inadequate instuction training or supervision
  5. Injuries during school sporting activities

It can be seen that in many cases it will be those organising or supervising the activities who can be held responsible and are likely to be faced with a possible claim if they fail in their duty of care.

We should not simply think of high profile professional sportsmen in this respect. A person involved in amateur or purely recreational activities can suffer a sporting injury which can have the same consequences as any other injury eg. pain and suffering, loss of earnings, permanent disability etc. All these areas can form part of a legitimate compensation claim.

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