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Sports Injury Compensation

If you have incurred a sports injury due to other’s negligence then you are entitled to sports injury compensation. The compensation provided is for following damages-

General damages- victim can get compensation for suffering and pain they have faced due to the injury. If the player incurs deep wounds that can take months to heal, then it is possible to get good compensation for the treatment of the same. One can also count compensation for the obstructed capability to do things such as washing car, strolling with the dog, gardening and other household jobs due to the injury.

Special damages- one can get compensation for special damages as well such as getting handicapped while playing a game. One can sue the negligent party for heavy compensation amount if the sporting injury is permanent. One must add up medical expenses that were required for the treatment of the sporting injuries. Victims must add up Costs for care, travel expenses, housing modifications and equipments that were purchased for combating the sports injury.

A person can get compensation for loss of congenial employment in case victim is in public service role like police officer and doctor. If the sportsperson dies due to sports injury then the widow or children of the deceased can be rewarded sports injury compensation for funeral expenses, loss of family income and future income losses. The family can also ask compensation for the mental pain and suffering that is normal after getting bereaved from a loved one. The family can get extra compensation for if the deceased was the sole earning member of the family and was having several responsibilities such as ailing father and school-going young children. If an under 18 children dies due to sports injury then the parents are entitled for statutory bereavement award.

It is important to make the sports injury claim as soon as getting injured because it is likely to get high compensation for the injuries that are fresh. One must keep the medical reports intact so as to verify the severity of the sports injury and its future effects. Victim must get contact details of the eye witnesses so as to make the sporting injury claim case stronger. One must take professional guidance from a qualified solicitor having sound expertise of winning the sports injury compensation case. Internet is the perfect source to get guidance and free case assessment for sports injury compensation case. The only thing that you are required to do is to fill up a simple online form for getting maximum sporting injury compensation.

Mrs A was a cook at a large hospital, she was injured when she tripped on a piece of vinyl flooring which had become raised. She suffered a soft tissue knee injury that brought forward pre-existing arthritis by 3 years and she was awarded £4,300.00 within 9 months of instructing Cooks.
"I was kept informed at every step by my Solicitor. A First Class service."
Mrs A of Coventry

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Examples of Compensation Awards for Injury Claims*
Serious Back Injury
Wrist Injury
Serious Neck Injury
Serious Hand Injury
Ankle Injury
Serious Knee Injury
Serious Head Injury

*damages for loss of earnings and other losses and expenses are commonly paid in addition to the injury award and will vary in each case