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Sporting Accidents

Sports injury compensation

Almost every type of sport requires physical effort and some sports seem to go hand in hand with accidents. Whether it is a recreational or professional sport, an indoor sport or any other type, we may sustain certain injuries due to unpredictable accidents. Sometimes equipment fails to perform, or in some cases the venue or the field may be responsible for the accident. We are highly vulnerable to a number of injuries when we are engaged in any kind of sport. The injuries that we sustain from sporting accidents could range from a simple scratch to complex injuries resulting in physical disabilities. In extreme sports participants also face the danger of sustaining fatal injuries.

There are numerous sporting accidents that players are likely to face when competing. The following are some of the most common types of sporting accidents experienced by a large number of players.

  • Amusement Park Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Climbing Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Rollerblading Accidents
  • Skiing Accidents
  • Slip, Trip, and fall
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Fitness clubs or gymnasiums
  • Motor sports
  • Winter sports

Recreational Sport and Athletics

One of the most thrilling and exciting sporting events is skiing and a large number of people enjoy this sport during the winter. Unfortunately, skiing poses a lot of dangers to the skiers themselves every year. It is one of the most dangerous sports if players are not well equipped or if they are totally inexperienced. In most cases skiing accidents happen due to the negligence of a third party. You can be the victim of a skiing accident if the authorities of the resort do not put up any warning signs or if they fail to maintain the quality and condition of the skiing equipment. Moreover, if the runs and the lifts for skiing are inadequately designed then you may be involved in an accident.

In some types of sport such as motor racing and sky diving, the performance of the equipment and the machinery play a vital role in determining the success of the players. These types of events are highly dangerous as failure with the equipment could result in serious accidents that may cause the competitors severe injuries. If you are a victim of any one of the sporting accidents for which you were not responsible then you are entitled to make a sporting accident claim against those who were responsible for your injuries. You could get compensation for your pain and injuries by making an accident claim.

Ankle Support Accident Compensation

A twisted or a sprained ankle will cause severe ankle pain for either the long or short term depending on the extent of the damage. The sprain is generally a result of torn or stretched ligaments. These injuries are very common and can be experienced by any of us taking part in a sporting event. It can be caused by unexpected balance loss, physical conflict, fights, slipping and falling. Like any other personal injury, it can also be caused due to the negligence of another party. If a person is injured, the injury should be seen immediately by a medical professional as it can affect the injured person’s life if it is not attended to.

Astroturf Accident Compensation

The word Astroturf refers to a type of synthetic grass which is used to make pitches for different types of sports, such as athletics, cricket, football and rugby. The need for Astroturf arose because of problems such as high maintenance costs in summer and frozen pitches in winter. Astroturf was created to duplicate the characteristics of natural grass. The artificial grass was made to look and feel like real grass but eradicate the problems with natural grass. With the increase in the use of Astroturf grass the probability of accidents increased. Accidents like abrasion injuries to players and injuries caused due to uneven bounce of the ball also increased.

If you have or have had an accident you should immediately seek medical attention. You never know how serious an Astroturf injury can be, therefore it is necessary for you to keep records of your injury sustained during the accident in the event that you wish to later make a compensation claim. If you can obtain photographs of the accident and accident location then they can act as proof that you have been injured due to the incident on a damaged Astroturf pitch.

Cricket Accident Compensation

Cricket is the game all of us love to play and watch, but the game is not without accidents and injuries. Cricket players often have accidents and sustain serious injuries as part of the game, but sometimes other players are negligent and cause the injury. A lot of times these injuries are so severe that they cause the injured party a permanent disability. Compensation for the sports injury can only be received by the player if he has suffered the injury because of the faulty pitch, faulty or improper equipment, negligence on the part of the referee, insufficient instructions, or reckless conduct by another player and by lack of training or supervision. The compensation claim can be made against any person responsible for the injury: the referee, organisers, or other players.

Football Accident Compensation

Football is an extremely rough sport and regardless of protection given by shin pads, the force of tackles can break or fracture bones in the legs and feet. Reckless tackles to higher parts of the body can also cause more serious injuries such as split eyebrows or broken noses. Being injured while playing the sport is very common but it may be an injury you can make a personal injury claim for. The grouping of the number of players, physical nature of play and speed of the game makes football injuries quite a common occurrence.

Hockey Accident Compensation

Hockey is a fast paced, and sometimes dangerous, sport. Hockey balls travel quickly and sometimes through the air when hit hard enough. Hockey sticks themselves can also cause severe injury if players collide or are too close to another player when taking a shot. The sticks can also cause injury if not held onto properly and are thrown accidentally at other players. If you get hurt while partaking in a sport such as hockey, your first step must be to seek medical attention, as minor breaks easily occur with the equipment involved. Make sure that you seek appropriate treatment and that information is recorded in your medical records. This will later allow you to make a hockey accident compensation claim.

Injured During Sport

We are all aware that physical sports have a certain amount of risk involved. Accidents and injuries are an unavoidable part of sport, but in extreme cases, the injury can become more permanent and therefore affect day to day living. There are various types of sport injuries and accidents that you may sustain depending on the sport that you are playing. You may suffer injuries like bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, head injuries or other severe injuries. Some of the most common sport accidents are mostly related to motor sports, team sports like football, rugby and basketball, athletics, outdoor sports like horse riding and climbing, winter sports, skating, skiing and various water sports.

Rugby Accident Compensation

Rugby, being a contact game, does involve a certain degree of risk. However, it is the negligence of other players resulting in an injury where an accident compensation claim may arise. A lot of serious injuries can occur while playing the game. The player is entitled to rugby accident compensation in situations where the accident takes place due to dangerous facilities, foul play, negligence and lack of instructions or supervision or unexpected violence. The player involved can make a claim if she or he has suffered injuries to the neck, limbs, spine, head or any bone fractures because of any of the above reasons. The claim for the accident can be made against the party responsible whether this person is a referee, spectator, competitor or the organisers of the sporting event. To be successful in a claim for compensation, the injured party has to prove that the injury is due to the other person’s negligence and not his own.

Skiing Accident Compensation

Sports are considered the best way to relax, exercise and have fun. Skiing is one such sport which is full of adventure. But it is important to be well trained before taking part in the sport because if care is not taken, it might lead to accidents that can cause serious injuries. In some cases it can lead to the death of the person or leave someone with permanent damage to the body.

Sporting Knee Injury

The knee is the largest joint in the body which provides stability and flexibility to our upper-body. Our knee is made up of several parts: bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons. So when we talk about knee injury it can be stress or damage to any of these individual parts.

A sporting knee injury can cause:

  • ACL tear
  • PCL Tear
  • MCL and LCL tear
  • Meniscus tear
  • Cartilage damage

Sports Accident Lawyers

A large number of sports men and women experience injuries every year via foul play, unexpected violence, unsafe playing facilities or inadequate instructions. The sports leagues, facilities and teams generally have sports insurance so as to cover all kinds of risks which you might be exposed to. This is where Cooks Legal come in as sports accident solicitors.
If you have experienced injury because of reckless or deliberate foul play via another person, you will be eligible to make a claim for compensation for the damage which was caused. There are several circumstances where you will be eligible to make a claim for a sports injury through a sports accident solicitor, they include:

  • If you are exposed to a preventable risk through formal instruction given by the trainer and because of that instruction you are injured
  • The owner or occupier of the sports ground could be held accountable if the sporting surfaces that you use are poorly maintained.

Sports Back Injury

Exercise is considered important by people to stay fit and sports are played as the best option to keep the body in shape. Some sports injuries are part of the risk the players of organised sport, training, fitness programs and other activities expose themselves to. Other injuries occur because of reasons such as improper training, improper usage of equipment and improper or unavailable footwear. Back injuries include fractures, sprains, contusions and strains caused by twisting the body or stretching the muscles more than should be physically possible while bending or lifting. Back injuries generally take place in sports like football, skating, gymnastics, basketball, running, weightlifting, golf or baseball.

Sports Injury Lawyers

There has been a rapid increase in the number of sport injury claims and sport accident claims over the past few years, and around 19 million sport injuries are recorded each year. Sport, as we know, goes hand in hand with accidents and a high risk of physical injury is involved in most sporting events. However, in some sport accident cases, the players are not responsible for their injuries. If you are a victim of a sport accident for which you were not responsible then you are able to make sports accident injury claim against those who are accountable for your injuries. However, making a sport injury claim involves some complicated procedures and here comes the necessity of sports injury solicitors. To make a successful sports injury compensation claim you will need to appoint an experienced no win no fee solicitor who will officially present your sport accident case in front of the court. Cooks Legal can do this for you.

Slip in Public House
Mrs C whilst walking towards the bar area slipped on the wet floor of a public house whilst walking towards the bar area. She fell awkwardly causing a complex fracture of her right wrist. The insurers denied liability alleging the floor was dry and that Mrs C was drunk and jumping on the dancefloor. Cooks obtained evidence refuting this and issued the claim at Court. Settlement was reached just prior to the trial when Mrs C was awarded £20,000.00 she said:
"I would just like to say thanks to the staff who have been first class explaining things to me all the way and keeping me informed."
Mrs C from Middlesbrough