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Spinal Injury Claims

An injury to the spinal cord is a more serious matter than other back injuries such slipped discs or trapped nerves. Spinal cord injury is likely to involve permanent complete or partial loss of feeling or movement below the location of the injury and can of course be catastrophic. Depending on the location of the injury loss of the legs or arms and legs can result.

spineCompensation claims for these injuries are very complex and many issues have to be dealt with when concerned with injured person likely to be paralysed or incapacitated permanently. Their life and that of their families/dependents will be transformed and it is essential that any compensation settlement takes into account all the consequences of the injury.

Damages awarded in these cases are likely to be very high and sometimes are dealt with on the basis of a "structured settlement". In this case instead of a lump sum being paid, arrangements are made for the victim to receive periodical payments usually for the rest of their life.

Spinal cord injuries can occur in many ways including motor accidents, falls, sporting accidents, assault, industrial accidents. If the circumstances of the accident are such that another party was responsible - employer, motorist etc, then the victim will almost certainly have a case for compensation. Although a claim can be made up to limit of three years after the accident it is essential that steps are taken to commence the claim as soon as possible after the accident.

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