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Supermarket Accident Claim

Lately, if you were out shopping and met with an accident, which could have been easily avoided, you are entitled for claiming accident compensation. It generally sounds like an alien and scary proposal to the majority of individuals, but with adequate advice and counselling by a personal injury lawyer, you can make this process easy.

Every supermarket presents a duty of care towards their customers that is applicable when they enter the store. Unfortunately, if you suffer an accident while shopping inside the premises of the superstore in that case the supermarket might be accountable as well as open to the supermarket accident claim, according to individual circumstances. Various types of supermarket accidents that generally happen include:

Slipping accident

No matter the accident happened was because of wet floor, spilt food or liquids like loose grapes, it is the responsibility of the supermarket to make sure that sufficient warning signs are shown as well as the mess is cleared instantaneously so as to avoid accidents occurring. Clearing spillages and signs are the essential part of the responsibility of the supermarket and in case if there is no sign, this negligence could result in some sever accident and cause of supermarket accident compensation claim.

Falls or trips

If you have tripped on pallets, boxes or some other obstacles left as it is on the floor and had an accident, you are liable to make a supermarket accident claim.

Food poisoning

If you think that, the food bought from the supermarket has causes you to develop health issues or food poisoning, you can make a compensation claim on the supermarket.

Falling displays

If you have been smashed by the unstable market displays and hanging signs, which have unintentionally fallen down, the supermarket is responsible for the accident and thus might have to give compensation for the consequences.

How to make supermarket accident claim

If you have suffered an accident while shopping at the supermarket, the instant action must be to tell about the accident to the duty manager as well as fill the accident report form. Also, it is extremely essential to talk with the witnesses and note down their references in case you need to present proof.

Taking pictures of the spot like wet floor or broken sing must be done to give evidence and increase the chances of winning the supermarket accident claim. No matter how severe or simple your accident is, it is essential to consult a professional personal injury attorney while considering claiming compensation, who can successfully carry your claim case.

Miss G was a passenger in her partner’s car when he lost control on an icy road. She suffered a back and shoulder injury that healed within 1 year. Cooks Legal resolved the matter within 5 months of obtaining her instructions presenting her with a cheque for £2,350.00
"I was very nervous about claiming but Cooks made it so easy. I filled in a form, went to a Dr’s appointment arranged by them, and they did the rest."
Miss G from Peterborough