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Shop Injury Claim

A Shop Injury Claim can be made by individuals who incurred severe injuries while shopping or working in a shop. The shop owners must take special care of the duty of care and should install safety devices in their shop. The shop owners must conduct frequent risk assessments so as to know if the shop area is free from risks or not. Unfortunately, a number of shop owners fail in their duty of making the shop area risk free. Shop injuries can lead to permanent losses as well as temporary losses to the victims. One must include the medical costs as well as travel expenses in the gross Shop Injury Claim amount.

There are strict federal laws made exclusively for the shop owners who neglect duty of care. The visitors as well as shop owners have to abide by the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 includes Section 2 (4) that specifies strict laws for the shop owners and orders them to put warning signs at the vulnerable areas of the shop that includes spillage of oil on the floor. In case an individual gets injured in the shop accident even after the availability of warning signs, the shop owner can not be sued. But if an accident happened due to shop owner’s negligence then it is legitimate right of the victim to sue the negligent party for proper compensation.

According to the federal laws, the shop owner should describe on the warning board the type of danger that is involved in that place. The Shop Injury Claim must include the amount of losses such as loss of present and future wages that one has to suffer due to getting injured in a shop accident. One must seek advice from an expert lawyer so as to handle the documentation and paperwork involved in making the shop Injury Claim in the county court of law. The victims must take photographs of the injuries and the offended area so as to prove the negligence of shop owners in the county court of law.

One must gather medical reports so as to get a proof of the severity of the injuries. There are a number of no win no fee solicitors who can help you in getting shop injury compensation claim. Internet is the best place to look for no win no-fee solicitors. These solicitors will charge you only if they win the shop injury compensation case and they will not charge in case of losing the shop injury compensation case.

Trip on highway
Mrs J tripped on a pothole whilst crossing a service road running parallel to a main road, fracturing her shoulder, wrist and ankle. The Council initially denied full liability for her accident alleging Mrs J was partly to blame for not avoiding the pothole. Cooks arranged a Conference with a barrister and on his advice rejected this. After intense negotiations Mrs J was awarded £17,000.00 she said:
"I had help from the start regarding my claim and found the advice very reassuring. I have never had to make a claim before so was apprehensive but you did a lot to alleviate my worries. Thanks again for all your help and support."
Mrs J from London