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Shop Accident Claim

If you have incurred severe injuries in or around the shop areas then you are entitled to shop Accident Claim. This claim is categorised under the personal injury compensation claim category. Shop accidents can happen in several cases that include when there is spillage of oil on the floor of the shop or when the walking area in shop is obstructed by lose wires that can make the customers fall. One can get severe as well as mild injuries in the shop accidents. Whiplash injury, head injury and strains are the common injuries incurred by victims in the shop accident. You must seek services of a personal injury solicitor so as to fight off this case. A personal injury solicitor can help you get maximum compensation for the injuries you incurred in the shop accident.

You must add up hospital bills, travel expenses and loss of wages in the total amount of the shop accident claim. One can opt for no win no fee solicitor so as to handle the shop accident claim case with an ease. These solicitors can try to make an out of court settlement with the negligent party. If the negligent party denies giving compensation then the solicitor will take the shop accident claim case in the county court of law. If you win the no win no-fee compensation case then the insurer of the negligent party will pay for medical expenses and legal costs that include solicitor fee.

The insurer of the negligent party will have to pay for all kind of expenses made for fighting off the shop accident claim case. For instance, if you had to pay for witness fee then the insurer of the negligent party must provide reimbursement for the same. You are not required to pay for any legal costs in case you lose the shop accident claim case. It is advisable to opt for lawyers that insure the shop accident claim case so as to recover the losses incurred in case of losing the case.

The insurance policy can help the victim to recover the solicitor cost and other expenses made while fighting off the claim case. In the conditional fee agreement or the no win no-fee agreement; the legal costs are paid off by the insurance money in case the victim loses the case. You must hire only an expert, experienced and skilled no win no-fee solicitor having sound track record of winning the shop accident claim case.

Mrs B was crossing a pedestrian crossing pushing her grandson in a baby buggy when she was knocked to the ground by a car driven by the defendant. The accident caused a complex fracture to her right foot.   Liability was denied as both parties claimed the lights were in their favour. At trial Cooks were successful in proving Mrs B’s case and she was awarded £90,000.00.
"I would like to thank you and all your staff for your courtesy and professionalism in what has been a very distressing time for us all..."
Mrs B from London