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Accidents in Shops

If you or your loved one has suffered any personal injury due to accidents in shops in which the fault was not of the sufferer, you can conveniently get a supermarket accidents compensation claims by filing a case against the responsible party.

So, if you slip on the shop’s wet floor, get hit by some falling item, trip because of a pothole in car parking or trip over some obstacle in aisle, you can file a case against the supermarket owner and take right amount of accidents in shops claim for the injuries suffered.

There are some points that need to be remembered and considered wisely when you are involved in any accidents in shops. Firstly, the accident needs to be reported to the shop manager or owner or even to the customer help desk. While reporting the accident in shops, make sure that you fill up the accident reporting form. Secondly, if there are some witnesses to the accidents scene, it is better to try and ask out the names as well as contact details in order to make strong evidences. If possible, the pictures of the accident scene and the injuries should be taken to serve as proofs against the responsible party. So, whether it is pallet left unseen in aisle, spilled milk on floor or sing board falling from the ceiling and walls, with the help of strong evidences, you can have a better opportunity of getting rightful compensation amount. Apart from supermarkets and large departmental stores, the small shops also have a responsibility to ensure that their customers are safe while shopping. And there may be situations when one might indulge in accidents at supermarket or shop car parking as well.
With due help and services of the personal injury attorney, the accidents in shops sufferers can get the right amount of compensation for the loss faced. These professionals are experienced and skilled in dealing the supermarket accidents claims thereby offering complete protection and legal services to their clients. These solicitors work on the no win no fee basis so that the sufferers have no burden to pay the fee amount to the lawyers in situation when they don’t win the case.

The best part about these attorneys is that they take care of their client’s cases with due care and perform every task starting from filing a case in the court to getting the client the accurate amount of compensation. Needless to say, if you have suffered an accident in shop within a time period of three years in which the fault was not yours, you can get the amount for damages and loss suffered.

Pedestrian run over by car
Mrs K was knocked over by a car that mounted the pavement, fracturing her tibia. Following extensive medical investigations organised by Cooks, it transpired that the accident brought forward the need for a knee replacement operation in the next 5-10 years. Cooks settled Mrs K’s claim for £28,750.00 she said:
"I am very pleased with the service I have received and would recommend Cookss to my friends. My claim was handled in a very professional manner and I was kept informed of it’s progress. Everyone I met or spoke to was helpful and considerate and I felt confident in their abilities. This was important to me at the time of my accident and later."
Mrs K from Streetly