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School Accident Claim

Accidents in schools are numerous but mostly minor. However, more serious accidents do occur and in these cases the child and parents may have feel that compensation should be obtained from the school or appropriate authority if the accident resulted from negligence.

There are many situations where school accidents can occur including classroom, playground, science lab, gym, sportsfield, dining area, school trips and outings.

ChildrenWhere the accident is not the child's own fault the cause may be :-

  1. Defective buildings, premises, floor surfaces etc
  2. Defective equipment
  3. Negligence of teaching staff or other employees
  4. Inadequate supervision

Whatever the type of accident or injury, if the accident was caused by the negligence of the school or it's employees the child may be entitled to compensation. Schools have an obligation for the safety of children in their care and if an injury results from a breach of duty on their part there is likely to be a right of action against them.

Even where a child is injured doing something he should not have been liability may still rest on the school in whole or in part if supervison was found to be inadequate.

It should be noted that special considerations apply in respect of injury claims for minors (see Child Injury Claims).

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