Respiratory Disease Claims
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Respiratory Disease Claims

Thousands of people suffer from respiratory diseases and over the years it has become known that in many cases the condition has been brought about by exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. Where it can be proved that this is the case, the sufferer may be entitled to claim compensation from the employer(s) involved if the employee has not been protected from such exposure.

There many respiratory diseases and lung conditions which may be involved including :-

Historically such diseases tended to be regarded mostly as being associated with workers in industries where dust was known to be a factor such as coal miners, asbestos workers, workers with refractory materials but it is now known that there are many materials, substances or chemicals which can cause problems.

Depending on the type of disease symptoms can range from mild to very severe or even death, particularly where asbestos is involved.

Employers have a legal duty to protect their workers from exposure to harmful substances both at common law and under statute. Where a breach of this duty results in injury or illnes to an employee a claim for compensation may be possible.

Industrial Respiratory Diseases can take many years to develop and employees will have to claim against all employers for whom they have worked in conditions which may have contributed to the disease.

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