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Legal Resources - Product liability claims

Product liability claims

Product liability claims are claims resulting from accidents caused by goods or products which have been supplied or work which has been carried out. The types of accident which could result from defects in products are numerous and the following are some examples :-

  1. Fire or injury resulting from faulty electrical goods
  2. Injuries caused by by defective tools, knives etc
  3. Road accidents caused by defective parts or faulty workmanship during repair or servicing
  4. Food poisoning
  5. Damage to teeth by foreign bodies in food
  6. Injuries to children by unsafe toys

Products may cause accidents for a variety of reasons - defective materials or workmanship, defects in design, inadequate or misleading warnings or instructions, defective containers or packaging.

Anyone manufacturing or selling goods or carrying out work (eg. building work, repair work) may find themselves responsible to pay compensation to consumers injured by their products. Such liability may be at Common Law or under Statute eg. the Sale Of Goods Act and the Consumer Protection Act have provisions specifically intended to make it less difficult for injured consumers to claim against suppliers of defective products.

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