Railway Accident Claims
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Railway Accident Claims

Railway accidents involving derailment or collision are fortunately rare but when they happen they can be catastrophic causing fatalities, serious injuries and in some cases severe burn injuries. Even less serious incidents can result in injury to passengers caused by them being thrown around in the train.

Derailment or collision accidents can arise from a number of causes such as:-

  1. Vandalism i.e. objects deliberately placed on the track
  2. Driver error
  3. Collisions with vehicles on the track/level crossing incidents
  4. Defects in track or train
  5. Signalling errors

Train TracksNot all rail accidents involve accidents to the train itself. Many injuries are caused by trips or falls or stations or whilst entering or leaving trains. Passengers may be injured on a train without any collision or derailment being involved.

Persons injured in railway accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries from the party or parties held to be responsible for having caused the accident.

Responsibility for a railway accident is likely to lie with the railway company if the cause was defects in their track, equipment or premises or errors by their employees. Where Independent Contractors have carried out maintenance work they may be held liable if an accident results from defective workmanship on their part.

In the case of collision with a vehicle on the line, the vehicle driver may be responsible if the accident is held to have resulted from his/her negligence. In the Selby accident a few years ago the car driver was not required to pay compensation damages to the victims but was also sentenced to imprisonment.

If you have been injured in any type of railway accident in the last three years you may be entitled to compensation.

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