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Public Transport Accident Claim

Persons injured in Public Transport accidents are likely to have a right to compensation for their injuries from the party responsible for the accident. In the unlikely event that a passenger in a vehicle has some blame for the accident Contributory Negligence may be alleged. However, generally speaking a passenger on public transport is unlikely to have any responsiblity for an accident and so there would be good case for compensation without any strong liabliity issues to contest it.

Public Transport accidents are most likely to result from one of the following causes :-

  1. Negligence or error on the part of the driver of the bus, coach, train, tram etc
  2. Negligence on the part of the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident
  3. In the case of train accidents, objects left on the track or collision with motor vehicles on the track eg. level crossing incidents
  4. Defects in equipment ie road vehicles, trains, track

Public Transport Accident claimWhatever the cause, provided responsibility can be established, an injured person is likely to have a right to compensation against the guilty party. Occasionally more than one party may be responsible eg. in a road accident both drivers may be partly to blame.

Depending on the nature of the injuries and the individual circumstances of the injured person, compensation may be payable under various headings eg. pain and suffering, long term or permanent disability or disfigurement, medical expenses, travelling expenses, loss of earnings, loss of or damage to personal property.

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