Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has received much publicity in recent years brought about to some extent by events such as serious train crashes and disasters like Hillsborough and The Herald of Free Enterprise.

Stress DisorderThe term is used to describe certain psychiatric conditions which sometimes develop in persons involved in or who witness accidents. It is well known that persons injured in accidents may receive damages or compensation for their pain and suffering and other losses but it is now becoming recognised that in some cases psychiatric injuries occur which may also be considered for compensation.

The symptoms frequently do not manifest themselves until sometime after the accident and may involve a variety of problems such as panic attacks, sleep difficulties, nightmares, depression, loss of confidence, lack of energy or motivation etc. Victims will usually suffer from a combination of the many symptoms but to make a successful they will need to prove satisfactorily that thy have a psychiatric condition brought about by the accident.

As with all injury compensation claims the amount of compensation wil depend on the severity of the condition which may range from cases wher the condition lasts for only a relatively short time after the accident to very serious cases where long term treatment is required.

One area where PTSD differs from other types of injury claim is the recent acceptance that persons other than victims physically injured in the accident may have the right to claim. Such claimants are referred to as Secondary Victims and may include for instance, members of an injured victim's family, persons witnessing the accident and rescuers.

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