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Faulty Goods

Businesses can sometimes produce and deliver faulty goods inadvertently because of their desire to make rapid profits. Sometimes businesses forget their customer’s interests. Faulty goods cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience for the customer. A consumer’s money can be wasted because of faulty goods. Most importantly, these goods can be dangerous to the customer’s health. In some cases, faulty goods can cause serious injury, or even irreparable losses like death. Defective kettles and toasters can explode upon use. These kinds of accidents can cause severe burns and ruin other personal property.

Faulty Product Injuries

Every year people are injured because of defective or faulty products which they have bought. Whether it is electrical equipment malfunctioning and and burning someone or a chair breaking when you sit on it, even problems from specialist equipment are covered because the outcome of such faults can result in months of pain and discomfort. Here are few of the types of accidents, which can result in faulty product injuries and claims:

  • Bruises and cuts caused by the defective equipment or appliance
  • Damage to scalp or hair from products used in hairdressing by hairdressers/a salon
  • Car accidents which happen because of faulty workmanship
  • Injuries to children caused by playing with faulty or defective toys
  • Injuries which happen due to the explosion of cylinders or bottles
  • Injuries caused through the intake of unsafe medicinal products
  • If a faulty product causes injury, the manufacturer is held responsible. However, if the retailer is not able to tell who the producer or importer is then the retailer is responsible.

Faulty irons can cause electrical shocks to the consumer, faulty toys can cause injury to children. It is easy for children to get cuts when playing with toys with sharp edges and corners which should not be present. Children can swallow the parts of some faulty toys which can lead to choking and sometimes the tragic death of a child.

Faulty edible products can cause illnesses. In recent years, faulty medicines have started coming onto the market, medicines which can be lethal if consumed. Instead of curing the disease, they can do further damage and cause further ill health.

If a consumer suffers grievous injuries due to faulty goods, he or she can make a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Product liability is covered by the Sale of Goods Act and other consumer legislation, which empowers a consumer to claim compensation from the manufacturer for any physical injuries or property losses he or she might have suffered as a result of the use of defective or harmful products. If a manufacturer does not warn a consumer against the potential dangers of any harmful product, or does not warn the customer about the precautions they should take, and the consumer suffers injury as a result of this, he or she can sue the manufacturer for compensation under product liability. There have been instances in product liability claims where a manufacturer has not provided the customer with sufficient warnings when using a dangerous product. Consequently a customer has wrongly used the product and suffered injury as a result.

Product liability is a complex area of law which has been developed around the customer’s need for protection from the sometimes spurious practices or mistakes of the manufacturers. Product liability claims can be pursued against a manufacturer for faulty labelling, manufacture, assembly or design of the product. Faulty construction of dams and buildings also come under the heading of product liability.

Product liability covers a very complex set of rules and regulations. Therefore, the ordinary consumer usually requires the help of a product liability solicitor to provide him or her with adequate guidance in making a claim for damages from the manufacturer. Cooks Legal can be your experts in guiding you through this claiming process.

Faulty Electronics: Faulty electronics can be a common reason for severe injury. Product liability due to faulty electronics can be classified under the three following categories.

Manufacturing: If there is contamination at the level of manufacturing, the manufacturer is liable to pay you compensation.

Design: If the faulty electronics are poorly designed and are unfit for their purpose, you can claim compensation under the head of product liability.

Warnings: If the labelling on the product does not specify all necessary warnings, the manufacturer of the faulty product becomes liable to pay compensation.

Faulty Goods and Your Rights

Faulty goods are defective products through the fact that they have broken or have been received damaged. In the UK, a large number of people purchase quality goods from retailing companies without even checking if there is any damage present. When goods of this kind are identified to be defective, damaged, broken or faulty, the consumer is eligible to obtain a refund on the product. In situations when such a product causes personal injury, the consumer is automatically entitled to obtain compensation for any injuries suffered.

Faulty Safety Equipment

As we all know, not all workplaces involve sitting safely and getting on with the work required. There are various industries such as construction and many others that involve a risk or a health hazard to the people working in it. Even offices pose risks to the safety of it’s workers. For instance, a person working in a factory with persistent loud noises from machinery, may lead to permanent loss of hearing for the rest of his or her life. Hence, it becomes the duty of the Employer to reduce the noise or to provide to its workers proper safety equipment so as to ensure that the hearing of people working there is not affected by the noise. The employer must make sure that no faulty safety equipment is provided to employees and ensure that the equipment properly performs the function that is expected from it. Even after using the safety equipment, any employee who suffers from hearing problems and if it is suggested by a medical professional that it is due to noise at the workplace, the employee has the right to make for a claim for compensation from the employer.

Faulty safety equipment compensation claims are included under the heading of product liability claims. These claims being a part of product liability, they can also extend up to the company or person, who has designed, sold, manufactured and finished that product.

Injuries Caused by Electronic Goods

The market is flooded with counterfeit electronic goods and the introduction of such products is increasing. Those electrical goods that have not undergone testing for safety standards and have faults left undetected can cause injuries, death or other losses including property damage. Injuries caused by electronic goods that are created by counterfeiters are used by both the consumers and industries. Counterfeit products can be used as industrial equipment, electronic lamp ballasts, lamps, dry cell batteries, smoke detectors, circuit breakers, electrical receptacles, lithium ion batteries, fuses, conduit fittings, electrical cord sets and power strips, telecommunication cables, ground fault circuit interrupters and other electrical connectors.

Leather Sofa Claims

Hundreds of people across the UK have been making Leather Sofa Claims after experiencing serious allergic reactions to a chemical that has been used to treat new leather sofas.

Many people have been experiencing serious skin complaints such as itching, painful rashes, blistering and burns after purchasing new leather sofas. Some of the most serious cases have resulted in hospitalisation. The cause of this has been found to be a chemical that is being used to prevent mould growth and unless the piece of furniture is removed it will continue to cause symptoms which will worsen.

Cooks can help on a No Win No Fee basis.

Food Poisoning
Mr W was involved in a food poisoning incident at a Dinner Dance. Cooks obtained an admission of liability swiftly from the hosts. Mr W’s symptoms did not settle, he required surgery and Cooks referred him to a Gastrointestinal Consultant to provide a final diagnosis. On receipt of this Mr W agreed an out of Court settlement of £20,000.00
"At first the Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, but Cooks never gave up and in the end I received a correct diagnosis, the appropriate treatment and a cheque for far more than I had expected."
Mr W of Kent