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Occupational Pneumoconiosis Claims

Occupational Pneumoconiosis is a lung condition caused by the inhalation of certain types of dust to which workers in some industries are exposed in the course of their occupation. The condition usually takes many years of exposure to develop.

The term pneumoconiosis embraces a number of different lung diseases such as silicosis, asbestosis, coalminers pneumoconiosis, siderosis, kaolinosis.

These specific diseases result from inhalation of dust particular to certain industries but the effect of the dust is similar in that inflammation of the lung occurs eventually resulting in fibrosis ie. the formation of fibrous scar tissue in the lung. The efficiency of the lung becomes reduced resulting in breathlessness, chest tightening, coughing chest pain and other respiratory problems.

The risk of exposure to potentially harmful dust exists in a number industries including mining, tunnelling, quarrying, sand blasting, stone crushing, ceramics, constuction, cement manufacture, foundries, textiles and many more.

Pneumoconiosis can be very serious and employers are required to take effective steps to prevent their employees from developing lung disease by exposure to harmful dust. If they fail to do so a right to compensation may exist.

If you are suffering from pnuemoconiosis or any other occupationally induced lung disease you may be entitled to compensation and we can handle your claim on a "No Win No Fee" basis at no cost to you. For a free legal assessment of your case please complete our Online Application Form.

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