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Legal Resources - Personal injury insurance claim

Personal injury insurance claim

There are thousands of accidents every year resulting in personal injury - on the roads, on footpaths, in the workplace, in public places, on construction sites, medical accidents, injuries caused by faulty goods.

Many people are injured in accidents caused by the negligence of others and where this can be proved they are likely to have a legal right to claim compensation damages from the negligent party.

The thousands of personal injury claims brought every are almost invariably negotiated and paid by the insurers of the negligent party. The insurance will generally cover not only the damages awarded but legal expenses and other costs incurred in dealing wth the claim.

The most common types of insurance involved are:-

  1. Motor Insurance - this is the cover we are most familiar with. It is a legal requirement for drivers to of vehicles to have cover so that funds are available to meet claims from innocent injured parties.
  2. Employers Liability Insurance - this is carried by employers to protect them against claims from their employees for injury or disease suffered at work. Again this cover is a legal requirement.
  3. Public Liability Insurance - this is cover carried by commercial or industrial concerns to cover claims from members of the public arisng from accidents on their premises or arising out of their activities. Cover is not compulsory but would be carried by any prudent company
  4. Product Liabilty Insurance - this covers companies against claims caused by defects in products supplied by them. Again this is not compulsory but regarded as essential by most companies.
  5. Medical/Clinical Negligence Insurance - carried by the medical profession
  6. Household Insurance - policies issued to cover household buildings and contents traditionally also cover claims made against the owner/occupier for personal injury suffered by visitors. Contents policies also usually cover claims arising from private activities of the owner/occupier whilst away from the dwelling.

A person suffering a personal injury and wishing to bring a compensation claim can be reasonably satisfied that in the majority of cases the negligent party will have insurance to cover the claim. There will of course be exceptions.

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