Tips for Winning

Work Accident Claims

Tips for Winning Work Accidents

Specialist tips

  1. See a doctor or go to hospital (if the injury is serious enough) to make sure the injury is recorded.
  2. Make sure the accident is recorded in the accident book. If possible read the entry yourself to make sure the facts in it are what you believe happened.
  3. Tell the Union.
  4. Get names and addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.
  5. Write down yourself what happened so when asked to say later you can look back at your own notes.
  6. See a Solicitor.

Information Regarding Work Accidents

Your employer is legally bound to provide you with a safe place to work, safe tools to work with, the correct guards, safe fellow employees and the correct training. If the employer breaks any of these obligations to you and you suffer an injury as a result you may very probably have a claim. Just because you have an accident at work does not mean that you can get compensation off your employer or its insurance company. As with all claims there has to be blame. If a fellow employee causes you injury then your employer is responsible for the acts of your fellow employee whilst at work. So for a very simple example, if your work mate drops a hammer on your foot then you have a good claim. If you drop the hammer on your own foot then you do not have a claim. However, if the hammer has a defect meaning the head falls off when you use it and you are injured as a result, you have a claim. The rules regarding work place accidents are particularly complicated and you really need legal help to advise you as to the claim.