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Slip & Trip Accident Compensation Claims

Unfortunately people can fall over and injure themselves in a number of locations:-

  1. Shops and supermarkets

    We have succeeded in winning cases for a number of clients in claims against supermarkets, these include falls caused by water on the shop floor, yoghurt on the shop floor, defective toilets in shops. We have to prove on your behalf that the shop did something wrong or failed to clean up something as quickly as they should have done and because of their failure you were injured. If we can do this, and it is not always easy, you get compensation. Supermarkets nowadays seem to open 24 hours a day. They seem to be constantly stocking up and get more and more crowded. People often have accidents because of the state of the floor, they make their aisles more crowded etc.

  2. In the street

    Unfortunately the state of our footpaths and roads have become worse over the last few years. There are more and more defects that are not repaired and it takes the council a long time to repair any defects. This causes many people to fall over. If you have an accident in the street you should contact us straightaway rather than the council. We will go and view the scene of the accident, photograph it, measure the defect before the council has a chance to bury the evidence under concrete or tarmac. It has become more and more difficult over the last few years to win such cases because councils often say they are short of money and they cannot carry out the repairs that they should do. Judges have become more sympathetic to this view. Despite all these problems we still try win such cases for our clients.

  3. In the workplace

    If you fall over at work and it was not your fault then you are likely to have a good claim and we can help you win the case.

  4. At home

    If you visit somebody’s home and you fall over because you tripped over something that should not have been there you may be able to make a claim against the home owner’s insurance policy. If you are a tenant in a house and the repairs have not been carried out as they should have been and you fall as a result of this we may well be able to bring a claim on your behalf.