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To do this

In some cases it is easy to decide whether you have a claim or not, for example if you are in a car and somebody runs into the back of you, you have a claim. Some people think if you have an accident at work and you are injured you get compensation automatically, unfortunately this is not always the case. In all cases you have to prove that somebody else is to blame for your accident. This is sometimes easy to decide, sometimes it is difficult. You need a solicitor to help you with these cases. Insurance companies against whom you make a claim will wherever possible refuse the claim or make you offers which are not the full value of your claim. You need somebody who is professionally trained and with many years of experience to give you this advice – we can offer these services.

Recent cases we have dealt with

In the recent year or so we have got accident victims nearly £5,000,000 in compensation. These include claims where one individual was turned down by every solicitor he went to and eventually contacted us. Everyone else who had refused his case because of limitation problems spoke to him on the telephone. We made the effort to go and see him, saw how he was injured and decided that he deserved a chance to get compensation; we got him close to £1,000,000 in compensation when everyone else told him he could not win. We have dealt with a serious road traffic accident where we got our client £3,000,000 and we have dealt with another client who received £500,000 for an accident at work. We also act in smaller claims. We pride ourselves on treating our clients as individuals and giving them sound advice, meeting them and telling them what we think and if we think they stand a chance of winning we pursue the claim on their behalf.