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Accidents abroad

If you have an accident abroad it is usually quite easy to make a claim if you booked your holiday through a tour operator. Tour operators are people such as Thomsons, Thomas Cook etc. The European Community is often criticised for many things but one of the good things it has done is enabled people who have accidents abroad to bring the claim against the tour operator rather than the hotel etc where the accident happened.

So instead of trying to sue a hotel in Spain or Greece if you booked your holiday through a tour company you can bring the claim against them. Again, as in all accidents, somebody has to be blamed for the injury.

The accident, if you are going to claim against the tour operator, must be part of the package and not something outside the package. So for example if you have an accident in the bedroom of the hotel that you have booked through the tour company and there is something wrong with the hotel bedroom you have a good claim against the tour operator.

However, if you buy something outside the package such as a jet ski on the beach and something goes wrong with the jet ski and you have an accident you cannot blame the tour operator, you would have to try and bring a claim against the persons who hired the jet ski and this could indeed be very difficult.

We have had a number of successes in bringing claims against tour operators. If you think you may have a claim please contact us.