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Personal Injury Claims

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Suffered a personal injury?
Want to know if you can claim?
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First Step

Fill in the contact form on this site and wait for us to telephone you or ring us on 01782 713755 and we will speak to you

Second Step

We speak to you on the telephone and find out if you have a possible claim. If we think not we tell you and give you the reasons. If we think you may have a claim we arrange to meet you.

We meet you at your home or at our office and discuss your case. We ask more questions about what happened in the accident and what caused it .If necessary we go and look at the accident site and take any necessary photographs or measurements. We find out what injuries you suffered and what financial losses you have or will have as a result of the accident.

Third Step

Usually at the meeting we tell you what our views are about the chances of success of winning the claim or not. Sometimes we can say you will almost certainly win, almost certainly lose or it is a case where the outcome is uncertain. We also tell you what the likely value of the claim is going to be

Fourth Step

If we think the case stands a good chance of winning we offer you a no win no fee agreement. You can chose to say yes you want us to act or say sorry you don’t want us to. If you say no there is no charge