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Personal Injury Claim

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a compensation claim made specifically for personal injuries sustained by an individual in an accident. In order to pursue a personal injury claim you must be able to prove that someone else was responsible for the accident. Personal injury claims are made for physical and psychological injuries resulting from an accident. By pursuing a personal injury claim you can get compensation for the medical treatment cost, medicine costs and other expenses related to your personal injury.

Making such a claim is not something you can attempt on your own and you will need professional advice from a solicitor who is experienced in handling this type of claim. Cooks Legal are specialist accident claim solicitors handling a range of personal injury cases including road traffic accident, work accident, medical negligence and slip and trip.

Some people are deterred from claiming because they are concerned about having to go to court. In actual fact the overwhelming majority of claims and the typical Personal Injury Claim is settled out of court. In recent years the courts have introduced rules regarding the way claims have to be dealt with before any court action is taken. These rules are intended to reduce the number of claims which go to court and to speed up the settlement of claims.

Common personal injuries and accidents

There are a variety of different types of personal injury compensation claims which can be pursued by victims.

Some of the more common personal injuries can be classed or identified as tooth injuries, head injuries, face injuries, neck injuries, whiplash, broken arms, back injuries, broken legs and bone fractures. Moreover, you may sustain various other serious injuries like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Any common accidents causing personal injury can significantly affect your normal lifestyle. You could be awarded compensation if this has happened to you.

In some cases the victim themselves may even be partly at fault for the accident, but he/she is still entitled to make a compensation claim, however the amount of compensation awarded for these personal injury claim accidents will vary or possibly be reduced according to the degree of fault of the victim in that particular case.

Where the personal injury claim accidents have occurred due to the fault of the other party; it is the civil as well as legal right of the injured party to claim compensation.

We handle a range of personal injury accidents and can advise you whether you are eligible to claim. It is important to contact us in good time following the accident as there are time limits in making a claim.

Claiming compensation for Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Compensation is a way to provide financial support in case of personal injuries due to the negligence of another party. During such a circumstance, the victim has the legal right to make a claim for personal injury compensation. In case one is injured, an injury claim solicitor can be helpful in pursuing the case and providing the personal injury compensation.

It is advisable to hire a personal injury solicitor to handle your case, as by hiring a personal injury solicitor the compensation claim process becomes easier and faster. To conclude, if you become a victim of an accident due to someone else’s mistake then without wasting anytime claim compensation for your personal injuries. It’s your legal right to claim compensation in such circumstances. Our team of expert lawyers and solicitors can advise you every step of the way to claiming compensation for personal injuries you may have sustained.

What amount of personal injury compensation payment can I expect?

There are no maximum or minimum personal injury compensation payment amounts for particular injuries. The assistance of an expert and experienced personal injury solicitor is helpful in securing the maximum amount of compensation possible. The personal injury compensation payment is made in cases where the accident was caused by the negligence of another person. In cases where the accident victim died as a result of the accident, his/her family members are entitled to make a compensation claim.

Claiming for personal injury

Claiming for personal injury cases can be a time consuming as well as complicated procedure depending on the nature of the case. Therefore it is important to take the help of a personal injury solicitor who has extensive knowledge and expertise in personal injury cases.

Claiming for personal injury cases can be a hassle free procedure with the help of personal injury solicitors who will take care of all matters from beginning till end. The best part is that claims can be handled on the basis of “no win no fee”. As a result, you are not bound to make payment in the form of legal fees in case the solicitor fails to win the case on your behalf.

Making a personal injury claim has never been simpler

Making a personal injury claim can either be done online by submitting your details to us or by calling us no the number provided to arrange a discussion or visit to discuss your situation, case argument and compensation entitlement.

The personal injury claim is generally required to be made within three years from the date of the accident. However where the victim is a child, this time period does not begin to run till he/she has reached the age of 18.

Accidents leading to personal injury claims are often due to others’ actions. Many times they happen because of the negligence of another individual. The personal injury claims we undertake will be pursued against the responsible individual or party, in some cases the claimant could also be partly at blame or fault and that will be taken into account accordingly.

Cyclist knocked over by car
Mr G was knocked off his bicycle by a car pulling out of a side road, fracturing his left leg. The defendant insurers blamed him for the accident alleging he had ridden on the pavement and not given way to their car. Cooks obtained photographs and sketch plans of the accident site and agreed with Mr G to issue his claim. As soon as the documents were lodged with the Court, the defendant insurers accepted liability and settled the claim in the sum of £5,420.58. He said:
"Excellent service – I cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice that I received from my Solicitor. No regrets choosing Cooks Legal 100%."
Mr G from Middlesex