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Personal Injury Liability

Thousands of people are injured in accidents every year but some do not realise that they may be able to claim compensation for their injuries. However if the accident was caused totally or partially by another person or party then there is a good chance that a claim can be made. Even where the injured person is partly to blame for the accident there may be a claim for partial compensation (see Contributory Negligence).

Liability may arise in various ways but the most common are :-

  1. Negligence - we all have a Common Law duty of care towards others and if a breach of that duty results in injury a right to compensation is likely to exist
  2. Statute - Acts of Parliament frequently create liability for injury compensation. This is particularly so in the area of Accidents at Work where there are various statutes which require employers to provide safe equipment, safe premises safe systems of work etc. If failure to comply results in an injury then this may make the employer legally liable to compensation.
  3. Vicarious Liability - this relates to situations whereone person or party can be held resposible for the negligent act of another. The most common example of this is an employer's responsibility for his employees eg. a person injured by a fellow employee's negligence would be entitled to bring a claim a gainst the employer.

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