Personal Injury Litigation
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Personal Injury Litigation

Some people who have suffered personal injury caused by another party are nervous about claiming compensation because they are worried about having to go to court or the possibilty of incurring high legal costs in their attempt to claim.

This should not be a concern since most claims are settled out of court and furthermore, in recent years, the following measures have been taken which facilitate injured parties pursuing genuine claims for compensation for their injuries :-


This came into effect after the withdrawal of the Government Legal Aid scheme for personal injury claims in 1998. The "No Win No Fee" system means that the claimant's solicitor does not charge a fee for his services unless the case is won in which case the fee is recovered from the other party.

Care should be taken in selecting solicitor who operates on a genuine "No Win No Fee" basis as some solicitors may deduct a proportion of the damages or some claims management companies may charge a fee.


Another helpful development resulted from the Woolf Report in 1999. Following the report, rules were introduced to streamline and speed up the processing of claims, reduce the cost of litigation and avoid unnecessary litigation.

The solicitors involved must now observe a "Pre Action Protocol" which governs how claims should be handled before commencing litigation. Litigation must not be commenced without good cause and solicitors falling foul of this may face penalties.

If you feel that you may be entitled to compensation for personal injury please complete our Application Form and we will provide a free legal assessment of your case. Your claim will be handled on a "No Win No Fee" basis at no cost to you.

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