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Making a Pedestrian Injury Claim

With the advancement in technology and transportation, more and more vehicles are taking their place on roads leading to many on-road accidents. Most of the victims of these accidents are pedestrians. However, it is not always true that the drivers are only responsible for the accidents. Sometimes it is the pedestrian’s mistake, as they did not take care whilst crossing the road.

Nevertheless, the benefit to the pedestrian is that according to law, they can make pedestrian injury claim against the person liable to the injury. Pedestrian injuries mainly occur because of disobeying of the traffic rules, or when any of the party is impaired with alcohol, or when any of the party is not able to see the other person due to any reason.

Making a pedestrian injury claim is not very difficult but your chances to win increases if you hire an attorney to fight in favour for your case. Legal advices can prove out to be more beneficial to you. However, before you are deciding to make pedestrian injury claim then these few steps will help you out:

  • Before claiming a pedestrian injury make sure you have enough proof to make the other party responsible for the pedestrian accident. For this, you can take the names and the addresses of the people who were present at the time of accident
  • Try to take the photographs of the place where the accident took place and the damages that occurred to the vehicle
  • If the driver has invalid insurance contact the Police as soon as possible

It is better to make a compensation claim against the other party, as this will reduce your burden for financial problems. Claim for compensation cost for a pedestrian accident will cover all the expenses that you have incurred in medication, vehicle repair, income loss and even your legal cost. Sometimes due to the negligence of the pedestrian himself\herself the accident takes place but while claiming for the pedestrian injury make sure that this point should not come in front of the court otherwise, you will have to lose your claim and you will not be able to receive any kind of pedestrian compensation.

It has been made cleared by the law that the driver should take care of the pedestrians who are crossing the roads. It is his\her duty to watch the pedestrians and prevent any such kind of accidents.

Mrs A was a cook at a large hospital, she was injured when she tripped on a piece of vinyl flooring which had become raised. She suffered a soft tissue knee injury that brought forward pre-existing arthritis by 3 years and she was awarded £4,300.00 within 9 months of instructing Cooks.
"I was kept informed at every step by my Solicitor. A First Class service."
Mrs A of Coventry

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*damages for loss of earnings and other losses and expenses are commonly paid in addition to the injury award and will vary in each case