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Common Pedestrian Accidents

Every year numerous common pedestrian accidents takes places in the UK and over 100,000 pedestrians get killed or injured. More than 50 percent of the pedestrian accidents result in the death of the pedestrian, making this a problem and a serious concern. The majority of the injuries and deaths are due to the negligence or carelessness of the third party.

There are various reasons that why the pedestrian accidents takes place. In few a cases it is because of the fault of the pedestrian, for instance, a kid might run out straightforwardly in front of the car. If the vehicle is too close to stop, accident probably may happen. Nevertheless, in case if the vehicle was gearing during the impact then it may be classed as driver’s fault, though if the pedestrian have run out or walked in front of vehicle. In maximum numbers of cases, the pedestrian is not at fault but the cause of negligence of the driver. The negligence includes:

  • The driver is pre-occupied or not paying attention
  • The driver is not following the speed limit on a particular road
  • The driver is unable to stop at the pedestrian crossing
  • The driver is not able to pay attention while driving
  • The driver is found of consuming alcohol or drugs

It is essential for the pedestrians to pay attention in the traffic areas, in majority of the cases the pedestrians are not at fault. Thereby, those people affected in a pedestrian accident might be eligible for claiming compensation for the harm and the damage caused due to the accident.

A pedestrian accident can involve a range of damages and injuries such as:

  • Permanent disability
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Temporary incapacitation
  • Disfigurement
  • Metal damage or distress
  • Death

Whether you are personally harmed or injured in the pedestrian accident or you are a relative of someone killed or injured in the pedestrian accident, you must look out for a pedestrian accident solicitor as early as possible. An experienced and qualified solicitor in the field of claiming pedestrian accidents can assist you to get compensation for distress, medical expenses, loss of wages, injuries in addition to other kinds of damages happened because of pedestrian accident. When you are making a pedestrian accident claim on behalf of the deceased person that was killed in a pedestrian accident, your solicitor may file for the compensation of wrongful death.

Mrs B was crossing a pedestrian crossing pushing her grandson in a baby buggy when she was knocked to the ground by a car driven by the defendant. The accident caused a complex fracture to her right foot.   Liability was denied as both parties claimed the lights were in their favour. At trial Cooks were successful in proving Mrs B’s case and she was awarded £90,000.00.
"I would like to thank you and all your staff for your courtesy and professionalism in what has been a very distressing time for us all..."
Mrs B from London

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Examples of Compensation Awards for Injury Claims*
Serious Back Injury
Wrist Injury
Serious Neck Injury
Serious Hand Injury
Ankle Injury
Serious Knee Injury
Serious Head Injury

*damages for loss of earnings and other losses and expenses are commonly paid in addition to the injury award and will vary in each case