Occupational Lung Disease Claims
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Occupational Lung Disease Claims

Occupational Lung Disease occurs when the lungs of workers are damaged by exposure to harmful dust, fibres, fumes, gases or chemicals in the course of their employment. In many cases, particularly where the exposure is to dust, the condition may 20/30 or more years to develop.

Many thousands of people suffer from occupational lung disease and new cases arise each year. Obviously the disease varies in severity from individual to individual but it can result in a significant reduction in enjoyment of life and affect the sufferer's ability to remain in employment. In some cases, particularly where asbestos is concerned, it can shorten life expectancy.

A number of different lung conditions can be caused by the working environment including Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pneumoconiosis, Silicosis, Asbestosis, Byssinosis. Some diseases are specific to certain industries eg. Byssinosis - textiles, Kaolinisis - pottery industry.

Under Common Law and Statute, employers are required to take appropriate steps to protect their employees from illness or injury caused by exposure to hazardous substances. If they fail to do so the employee may have a right to compensation.

If you are suffering from an Occupational Lung Disease you may be entitled to compensation from your employers even if you are no loger employed by them. We can handle your claim on a "No Win No Fee" basis at no cost to you. For a free legal assessment of your case please complete our Online Application Form.

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