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A man who injured his back through lifting a heavy object at work was recently awarded compensation, with help from our specialist lawyers.

Manual Handling

The claimant was employed by Goulds and worked in a warehouse. Whilst lifting a large, 17kg roll of plastic pallet wrap from a pallet onto a machine, he injured his back.

He felt that his injury at work was caused by his employer, so began the process of making a personal injury claim.

Employer Liability

The employer's defence was that they had provided sufficient training in manual handling procedures and carried out a risk assessment of the work.

The claimant argued that they had not made every effort to provide an alternative way of carrying out the job to avoid the heavy lifting altogether.

A previous case heard by the Court of Appeal, where a decision was made that the defendant had failed to prove that it was not reasonably practicable to avoid lifting, was used as an example of this principle.

The Judge found in favour of the employee, accepting that the roll was heavy and the employer had not thought about alternatives to manually lifting it.
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