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Types of Medical Claims

Medical institutions are in trusted in saving lives and reducing illnesses among humans, thereby decreasing their suffering and pain. Staying alert and aware is the responsibility of all those who relate to medical profession. However, human errors and negligence are common, but when it comes to medical profession and institutes, it can cost even the life of a patient or even make the life of the patient worse than before. In such cases of medical mistakes and negligence, though it may not be possible to regain the life or pain that the patient has to undergo, but a medical compensation claim in the matter can be a great relief in such tough times, at least financially and to an extent mentally as well.
There are a lot of people who are involved in a single medical case such as senior and junior doctors, radiographers, nurses and so on. Mistake by any one of them in their specialisation can cause a problem in the entire diagnosis of the illness and therefore increases the risk of errors because so many people are being involved that may cause confusion. There are different types of medical claims that can be asked for the following medical and clinical accidents that commonly occur in medical institutions:

  • Missed fractures
  • Inadequate cleaning or leaving any foreign bodies in the wounds
  • Missed sub-dural haematoma
  • Missed myocardial infarction or heart attack
  • Misinterpretation of the results or inability to take scans and tests
  • Late or inaccurate diagnosis

At times the errors in medical analysis also creeps in due to the shift change of attendants that might be due to miscommunication or may also be due to malfunctioning of equipments when required in the medical institution. Broadly speaking, these are the types of medical claims that victim can sue the other party for.

To make sure that the victim has appropriately been compensated for the medical and clinical accidents that have occurred due to negligence of the other party, it is advisable to consult an experiences a personal injury lawyer who is an expert in handling such cases. There are also lawyers available at no win, no fee basis that can be of great help. There are also various legal companies that can help you in filing a suit against the medical institution that is held responsible for the mistake.

Cyclist knocked over by car
Mr G was knocked off his bicycle by a car pulling out of a side road, fracturing his left leg. The defendant insurers blamed him for the accident alleging he had ridden on the pavement and not given way to their car. Cooks obtained photographs and sketch plans of the accident site and agreed with Mr G to issue his claim. As soon as the documents were lodged with the Court, the defendant insurers accepted liability and settled the claim in the sum of £5,420.58. He said:
"Excellent service – I cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice that I received from my Solicitor. No regrets choosing Cooks Legal 100%."
Mr G from Middlesex