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Medical and Clinical Accidents

Accidents because of medical negligence

If you have suffered injury or illness in the last three years as a result of Medical and Clinical Accidents you may be legally entitled to compensation for any resulting pain, suffering and other losses. Medical Claims can be stressful and using a specialist Solicitor can ensure you receive your full compensation amount.

Clearly, doctors, surgeons and other members of the medical profession owe a duty of care to patients and if, whether by act or omission, they fail in that duty and cause injury to a patient they may be liable at law to pay compensation.

Claims resulting from Medical and Clinical Accidents are complex and proving negligence may not be as straightforward as, for instance, proving negligence in the case of a road accident. It will be necessary to establish that there existed a duty of care, that that duty has been breached and that the breach caused the injury or illness to the patient.

In particular it will necessary to show that the standard of care provided fell below what would be considered reasonable and, of course, specialist medical evidence may be necessary.

Choosing a Medical and Clinical Claims Solicitor

The fact is that these medical and clinical accidents are quite a tough area of personal injury law and thus need the assistance of a medical and clinical claims solicitor. It is pertinent that the guidance and the help of a medical and clinical claims solicitor is availed to deal with such cases, so that the injustice inflicted on you can be rightly resolved. The medical and clinical claims solicitor will make his or her best attempts to get you the compensation amount that you deserve. It is essential that the solicitor is contacted as early as possible and you take care choosing a Medical and Clinical claims solicitor so that immediate action is taken against the accused. If timely action is taken, then it will be easier to prove the other party guilty as any witnesses and evidence could be found without much difficulty. Additionally, any further delay will considerably reduce not only the amount of the compensation, but also the chance of getting any at all.

Clinical Accidents

Clinical and medical accidents can have very serious repercussions on the life of the affected patient. Clinical accidents can be a minor negligence on the part of the doctor but they can have disastrous consequences for the patient. The accident can ruin his or her life and also have a profound psychological impact on the patient. For example, a doctor can be negligent during the delivery of a child and cause damages to the mother which can lead her to become infertile for the rest of her life. Doctors can also cause injuries to the baby by their improper actions during an operation, such as causing a fracture to the shoulder, causing permanent brain damage and facial palsy in the infant. All these defects can leave a child impaired for the rest of his or her life. Sometimes clinical and medical accidents can cause the death of the infant. This happens when an infant is left in an incubator for a longer period of time than required after the birth. A child is kept in the incubator soon after the birth to keep him warm, but if the child is not taken out at the right time it can also lead to burning of the child and the child can lose a limb. This can even result in the death of the infant.

Common Medical and Clinical Negligence Claims

Common Medical and clinical negligence claims can be made by those who have suffered physical losses or ill health effects due to doctoral negligence during medical treatment. If knowingly, or unknowingly, medical practitioners commit the mistake of prescribing incorrect medicine or carrying out incorrect treatment, then laws are there to enable the aggrieved patient to sue them for compensation. Getting compensation claims will give you financial and mental relief for the losses incurred.

With the increasing size of the UK population, death rate is also high but if the death has occurred due to another’s negligence then it is the legal right of the family of the deceased to sue the other party for compensation. Death by negligence can include death in a road accident; death due to a doctor’s negligence, death due to an accident at work, home or in a shopping area. The family of the deceased must evaluate the actual reason for the death so as to ascertain whether they can sue the negligent party.

Death Whilst In Surgery

The cases of Death whilst in Surgery are increasing and if you have suffered as a result of this then it is your legitimate right to sue the negligent doctor for compensation. Surgery malpractice happens when the surgeon fails in performing proper medical treatment for the patient, thereby doing incorrect surgical cuttings in the body of the patient. In the worst cases surgical negligence can cause death and it is the legal right of the family of the patient to sue the negligent surgeon for the proper compensation claim amount. Death Whilst in Surgery happens due to poor surgical performance which includes the following surgical mistakes-

Death by Negligence

With the increasing rate of population, the death rate is also high but if the death has occurred due to negligence then it is the legitimate right of the family of the deceased to sue the other party for a compensation claim amount. Death by negligence can include death in a road accident, death due to doctors’ negligence, death due to an accident at work, home or shopping area. The family of the deceased must consider the actual reason for the death so as to ascertain whether they can sue the negligent party.

Medical and Clinical Specialists

Most patients have to put their faith in medical professionals for some form of medical or clinical treatment at some point in their lives. While the medical treatment can prove to be highly beneficial, there are chances of mistakes and negligence that can ultimately result in some unexpected suffering or pain. All of the medical treatments involve some risk that the patients should be carefully warned about before carrying out the particular treatment. However, not all the outcomes or unexpected accidents in the medical treatment are the negligence or fault of the medical professionals. There can be cases when medical and clinical accidents occur due to malfunction of a medical machine or equipment.

Medical Negligence Claim

If you have suffered from a medical or clinical accident due to wrong diagnosis or treatment of a near fatal injury it is essential to make a medical negligence claim against the medical practitioner at fault and other members of that practice who were directly involved in the medical injury. In a medial injury or in a case of incorrect diagnosis, the onus of responsibility lies with the members of the medical profession that fail to take proper care of an injured person

Resolving Medical Negligence Claims

The hospitals and doctors that take responsibility for caring for the patients have a duty to care for their wellbeing and safety. If they fail to take care of the patient as per the standards set out, then they are said to have breached the duty of care for the patient. If the patient suffered serious injuries or even death because of the lack of care or negligence by the medical professional, then they are liable to pay out compensation to the aggrieved party. When resolving medical negligence claims, patients usually have a limited time period to make a claim.
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Food Poisoning
Mr W was involved in a food poisoning incident at a Dinner Dance. Cooks obtained an admission of liability swiftly from the hosts. Mr W’s symptoms did not settle, he required surgery and Cooks referred him to a Gastrointestinal Consultant to provide a final diagnosis. On receipt of this Mr W agreed an out of Court settlement of £20,000.00
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