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Lung diseases Caused by Hazardous Substances

A large proportion of people suffer from at least one kind of Lung diseases Caused by hazardous substances. Precisely, any disorder in which the respiratory system gets affected or impaired manifesting in ways like troubled breathing, short of breath, nagging cough and uneasiness or pain in chest is a common form of lung disease. Under this condition, the person becomes incapable of taking up any kind of physical labour or other such activities. An occupational lung disease is brought forth by exposures at the workplace. Some causes of lung diseases like Mesothelioma, asbestosis, black lung and silicosis at workplace are harmful substances like coal and asbestos.

Anybody who is working in mines or is somehow exposed to the radon gas, they are at a higher risk to develop these industrial injuries and illnesses. Anybody who is working in a sector which uses asbestos should make use of protective gears like a face mask. Same is necessary for those who constantly get exposed to dust and harmful fumes of chemicals. Long-term repeated exposure to some irritants at work can lead to various lung diseases that can have permanent effects even after the exposure ceases. Some occupations, owing to the nature, location and environment of the work are at more risk for lung diseases caused by hazardous substances than others. For example, people who work in a textile factory or a car garage get exposed to hazardous chemicals, fibres and dusts that can lead to long term lung diseases, if they are not diagnosed in time and properly treated.

Some of the common symptoms of lung diseases include shortness of breath, coughing, pain in chest, tightness in chest and abnormal pattern of breathing. Anybody experiencing any of these symptoms at work should immediately consult a physician, who will conduct some initial x-rays of the chest and other tests including pulmonary function test, microscopic testing of cells, tissues and lung fluids and cellular and bio-chemical studies of fluids. The best method to prevent occupational lung disease is to avoid inhalation of substances that can cause these diseases. Some of the preventive measure may include to avoid smoking and to wear protective devices like facial masks while around the air-borne dusts and irritants.

While treating the industrial injuries and illnesses in a person, a physician determines the procedure depending upon the person’s age, medical history and overall health, the type and extent of the disease and the patient’s tolerance for certain procedures, therapies and medications.

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