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Loss of Earnings

Industrial illnesses and injuries are one of the most common sources of loss of earnings for any employee. Industrial illnesses and injuries occur due to recklessness on the employer’s part and lead to sustainable injuries for the employee along with loss of earnings. An employee loses his earnings when he has to take leave from the work due to his inability to work because of his infirm health as a result of any industrial sickness or injury. If the injury is minor, he may be able to recuperate within a short span of time. But if a worker gets a major injury, he will become unfit to carry out his duties. You can sue your employer for adequate compensation under a personal injury lawsuit since it was his sole responsibility to provide safe working premises for his workers. He also cannot terminate you from the job under the law if you have lost your working potential.

Industrial illnesses and injuries can occur due to following reasons:

  • Accidents due to the use of dangerous machinery. Such accidents occur when an employee has not been trained properly about how to use a machine. Neither he has been given adequate safety instructions; neither any guidance is available to him. If an employee loses his limbs as a result of such accidents, it can ruin chances of his further employment in the company.
  • Lifting of bulky objects: Most of the times, employees get hurt while lifting heavy objects.
  • Use of harmful substances like Asbestos in the industrial premises: An employer if using such chemicals in the company should give protective attire to the worker. If possible, the employee should try to lessen the use of such substances by replacing them with lesser potent chemicals.
  • If there is any violation of Occupational safety and health act, it can also lead to industrial illnesses and injuries caused to the worker.
  • Use of faulty machineries and tools can also lead to grave industrial illnesses and injuries.

There are many kinds of industrial illnesses which can take place:

  • Acute silicosis: The occurrence of this disease has been found among those industrial workers who are working in mines, quarries and grinding of stone. This disease occurs due to extreme exposure to silica dust which pervades the lungs of a person reducing the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Diseases related to benzene: Another harmful chemical used in industries is benzene whose over-exposure can lead to an employee’s death. Benzene is a flammable gas used as an industrial solvent on a large scale.
  • Asthma: This can result from the industrial pollutants generated in the factory and therefore an employer should take care that he follows the environmental laws.
Miss G was a passenger in her partner’s car when he lost control on an icy road. She suffered a back and shoulder injury that healed within 1 year. Cooks Legal resolved the matter within 5 months of obtaining her instructions presenting her with a cheque for £2,350.00
"I was very nervous about claiming but Cooks made it so easy. I filled in a form, went to a Dr’s appointment arranged by them, and they did the rest."
Miss G from Peterborough