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Crane Accident Claims

Working at construction sites is forever risky and hazardous, and most of the Industrial injuries and illnesses occurred at construction sites include accidents related to cranes. Cranes are perceived as inherently dangerous and unsafe, and due to their height, they are relatively poor by the protection that they offer. There are a large number of accidents that involve cranes every year, which show that how vulnerable crane drivers are at the construction sites.

Because of the height of the cranes, there are possibilities that they can come in contact with the electrical wires. Since cranes are metallic, electric current can easily travel through them and may injure the driver or the operator seriously. Even though the workers are usually skilled labourers, accidents can still occur on the job sites. Some of the many reasons for these accidents may include faulty materials, malfunctioning machinery, inferior equipments and tools and negligence. When construction accidents take place, many hard working labourers feel frustrated, betrayed and overwhelmed due to the lack of the legal options that they have. Most of the construction workers believe that Industrial injuries and illnesses are part of their job, but they should be regarded as a threat for the safety and protection of all the workers involved in the project. These accidents are normally caused due to the negligence and ignorance of contractors and managers and can be highly preventable. Thus, filing crane accident claims after an accident is very crucial, because it will not only compensate the injured person for his or her sufferings, but will also be helpful in providing safety for the other workers working on the site.

After being injured in an accident, the labourer usually loses the capacity or ability to work, thus the loss of income greatly affects the family members. By filing crane accident claims against the responsible parties, the injured person can get a compensation for the emotional, financial and physical sufferings that he or she has gone through. Therefore, in order to win the case, the injured party needs to hire a professional and experienced solicitor who will give assistance for filing the claim and winning it. It is important to note that today, there most of the lawyers work on the basis of contingency fees. In that case, the injured party does not need to pay any fees to the lawyer if he or she fails to win the case in favour of them. Even if the injured person wins the case, he or she will not be paying any fees to the solicitor, but it will be the opponent party that will be doing the same.

Miss G was a passenger in her partner’s car when he lost control on an icy road. She suffered a back and shoulder injury that healed within 1 year. Cooks Legal resolved the matter within 5 months of obtaining her instructions presenting her with a cheque for £2,350.00
"I was very nervous about claiming but Cooks made it so easy. I filled in a form, went to a Dr’s appointment arranged by them, and they did the rest."
Miss G from Peterborough