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Common Industrial Injuries

A huge number of people are working in workplaces wherein they may get exposed to various hazardous industrial equipments, machineries or materials. Workers in construction sites and industrial sector sustain severe Industrial injuries and illnesses almost daily because of the negligence, carelessness or ignorance of the owners or their failure to warn the workers properly regarding the hidden dangers of the workplace. The workers have various types of threats at their workplace. The most common industrial injuries include slips and falls, limb injuries and damages caused due to inhalation of poisonous fumes in chemical plants. Either way, the worker has to generally suffer and incur the heavy costs of treatment and hospitalisation. At times, serious Industrial injuries and illnesses can even render a victim useful for his or her entire life, making the dependants also suffer along.

Various reasons that stand as a factor for an industrial accident include lifting up of heavy items, accidents caused due to hazardous machineries, impairment and disease induced materials and chemicals in the workplace or use of defective products, equipments, materials or machineries used in the workplace. There is no distinction between the common industrial injuries caused suddenly in an accident or had long been in the procedure such as repetitive strain injuries.

All labourers and workers must know that they have a legal and civil right to file a compensation claim against the employers to recompense their injuries. If the workers are uneducated or unskilled, the employers may offer them no or low compensation, which would mean their unfair exploitation. That is why, professional and experience lawyers are needed to file the claim and represent the case convincingly in the court. These lawyers, having studied various cases related to industrial injuries cases, have good knowledge about the safety precautions and measured that required in a workplace and they are also aware of the legal rights of the workers. These lawyers represent the case convincingly in the court for getting due compensation amount for proper treatment and care of the victim and for some monetary relief also. The best thing is that most of these lawyers work on the basis of no win no fees, which means that the clients will not be paying any fees to the lawyers if they do not win the case.

Mrs B was crossing a pedestrian crossing pushing her grandson in a baby buggy when she was knocked to the ground by a car driven by the defendant. The accident caused a complex fracture to her right foot.   Liability was denied as both parties claimed the lights were in their favour. At trial Cooks were successful in proving Mrs B’s case and she was awarded £90,000.00.
"I would like to thank you and all your staff for your courtesy and professionalism in what has been a very distressing time for us all..."
Mrs B from London