How Much is My Claim Worth

Head Injuries
Minor injuries with no brain damageUp to £6,000
Minor brain damage with good recovery.Up to £50,000
Psychiatric Injury
Inability to cope with life and/or work or affecting relationships with family and friendsUp to £60,000
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Full recovery within 3 yearsUp to £4,000
Largely recovered, some continuing minor symptoms.Up to £10,000
Moderately severe, disabiliity for the foreseeable future.Up to £27,000
Severe symptoms, permanent.Up to £45,000
Hearing Loss
Occasional tinnitus, slight hearing loss.Up to £6,000
Tinnitus, moderate hearing loss.Up to £15,000
Tinnitus, severe hearing loss.Up to £23,000
Damaged Teeth
Loss or serious damage to back teeth Up to £850
Loss or damage to several front teeth.Up to £5000 per tooth
Eye Injury
Minor injuries, some pain, vision interference.Up to £4,000
Impairment of vision, not permanent.Up to £10,000
Neck Injury
Whiplash injury, good recovery.Up to £3,500
Severe injury, permanent symptoms.Up to £30,000
Shoulder Injury
Minor soft tissue injuries, good recovery.Up to £3,5000
Moderate injuries, frozen shoulder.Up to £6000
Arm Injury
Minor injuries, good recovery.Up to £3,000
Uncomplicated fracture, good recovery.Up to £3,000
Uncomplicated fracture, some disability.Up to £9,000
Serious fracture.Up to £28,000
Wrist Injury
Uncomplicated fracture.Up to £3,000
Severe injuries, permanent disability.Up to £27,500
Elbow injury
Minor injuries.Up to £3,000
Severe injuries, impaired function.Up to £15,000
Severe injuries, permanent disability.Up to £25,000
Hand Injury
Severe dislocation of the thumb.Up to £3,000
Fracture of finger, good recovery.Up to £1,500
Loss of part of little finger.Up to £2,750
Serious injury, ring or middle finger.Up to £7,000
Loss of fingers.Up to £9,000
Fracture, impairment of grip.Up to £5,800
Total loss of both hands.Up to £80,000
Back Injury
Strains and sprains, good recovery.Up to £7,500
Severe back injuries.Up to £30,00
Hip Injury
Minor injuries, good recovery.Up to £6,500
Severe injuries.Up to £13,000
Leg injury
Simple fracture, good recovery .Up to £7,000
Severe fracture.Up to £21,000
Knee injury
Cuts, soft tissue injuries, good recovery.Up to £3,000
Continued pain,discomfort.Up to £10,000
Ankle Injury
Strains, sprains, good recovery.Up to £3,000
Fracures, ligament damage, moderate disability.Up to £14,000
Severe injuries permanent.Up to £25,000
Foot Injury
Modest foot injury .Up to £7,500
Serious foot injury.Up to £21,000
Severe Foot Injury.Up to £37,000
Achilles Tendon Injury.Up to £20,000
If you would like to know how much you claim is worth then simply use the diagram to find out exactly what money you can receive when an accident has occurred which was in no way your fault. Should you like to know anymore about the no win no fee claims you can make or the exact amount of money which can be received, get in contact with us today and our helpful and friendly staff will guide you through everything!
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